Your ULTIMATE List Of All The Hottest Jewellery For 2022

From pearls to serious pops of colour!

After years of dainty, delicate jewellery, the age of minimalism is coming to an end as big, bold, and playful accessories are making their grand return. What caused their resurrection? There are plenty of theories floating around as to why maximalist jewellery has come back in a big way.

Some believe that the 20-year trend cycle and noughties revival has brought y2k’s kitschy fun style back into the jewellery world. But the pandemic’s effect can’t be overlooked. After staying inside for nearly two years, wearing tracksuits and jammies all the time, people are desperate for fun and want to celebrate. And that celebration has translated into colourful, playful, and bold jewellery.

So what piece’s should you be adding to your collection to get the celebration started?


Enamel Jewellery


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Saying bye-bye to minimalism and hello to maximalism means embracing the bright and bold. Making enamel the most popular material for jewellery. Its glossy surface and limitless colour possibilities make it perfect for the eye-catching and decadent style of 2022.

Chances are you already own some enamel. Unfortunately, it is probably on a kettle or sink instead of an accessory. While the material might be most commonly used in appliances, enamel makes for a truly stunning jewellery surface.

Enamel Solitaire Ring; €55.00

Rose Gold Plated Half Enamel Bangle; €28.00

Juicy Red Hotlips Ring; €315.00



Pearls have had a chokehold on the jewellery world since 2020, and their reign is set to continue. Skyrocketing popularity, thanks to Vivienne Westwood’s Mini Bas Relief Choker. The necklace was worn by everyone from Dua Lipa to Madison Beer.

While the popularity of the necklace has faded (if slightly), pearls have stayed popular. The glistening gems have a traditional elegance but can easily be styled in a playful way. The trend has evolved a long way since its 2020 rise in popularity. Not only can you find traditional takes on the look, but also cutesy interpretations and bolder pieces.

9ct Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Open Loop Ring; €155.00


Cloud Hoops; €49.95

Pastel Dreams Gold-Plated Multi-Stone Ring; €91.52 




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When thinking of jewellery, pieces like necklaces, rings, and bracelets probably come to mind. But 2022’s over the top jewellery inclinations don’t end there. Nope, OTT means being completely decked out in jewels, and what better way to do this than with less traditional pieces like anklets.

If you’re someone who isn’t quite ready to give up on simpler delicate pieces just yet, then anklets could be just you’re thing. They allow you to embrace an OTT approach, but the piece itself can still be quite simple or big and bold.

Cairo Arm And Ankle Wrap Cuff; €94.95 

CZ Colored Tennis Anklet; €135.00

Isla Shell Charm Anklet; €85.00

Statement Earrings


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After so many years of small decorative studs, big and bold earrings are back, baby. Think, chunky and colourful. Essentially if you’re not getting a neck workout while running around in you’re earrings, then they’re not big enough and not bold enough.

This trend may seem a little daunting, especially if you’re used to delicate and dainty earrings. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Going for a statement earring is about, well… making a statement, and you decide what that statement is. That’s what’s great about this particular trend. Its versatility means you can incorporate a lot of your personal style.

Fan of sharp and colourful pieces? There’s a statement earring for that! Fancy something more whimsical? Statement earring! Prefer a more classic style? Plenty of statement earrings out there for you.

Essentially a statement earring is about taking your personal style and making it bigger. Something everyone can pull off.

Ceres Large Drop Earrings; €24.95

Amori Mori Rose Pearl Earrings; €50.00

Nirvana statement earrings; €69.95


Funky pieces


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Reminding us of our youth, funky and oversized jewellery really dates back to us trying on our mom’s jewellery when we had *tiny, tiny* hands.

However now, the bigger, the better. Coming in both clay and plastic forms, funky, colourful rings, bracelets and necklaces are everywhere and we absolutely adore them for adding a little bit of spice to any fit.

Easy to wear and bringing us back to a much simpler time.

Bubble Underwater Ring; €45.00

LaManso ring Beaded Drop Earrings; €24.00 

Moa – Windsor/Malibu/Venice/Ventura Necklace; €89.95



Signet rings


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Signet rings are the ultimate vintage piece. They were traditionally used for stamping markings and seals onto documents. The rings have a flat raise where someone initials or markings would go making it easy to stamp.

Now they might sound like a bit of an office appliance at the moment, but modern renditions are much funner.

No longer is the flat surface reserved for initials or emblems. Nope, they’ve been replaced with the cutest designs imaginable. Wish Upon A Star Ring; €24.95

Heart Signet Ring; €104

The Smooch Ring; €159,95

Happy shopping.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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