Zoe Kravitz Says Current Makeup Trends ‘Make Everyone Look The Same’

“I think we’re at an interesting time right now with makeup..."


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Zoe Kravitz has said that she thinks the way people do their makeup now does not enhance their beauty, but instead makes everyone look the same.

The Big Little Lies star just dropped a lipstick line with YSL which are mostly nudes and reds.

She explained that she picked classic colours to help people embrace themselves while being more confident.

“It’s great to have really simple colors that you can build on top of, wear crazy outfits with, do a crazy eye with, which is why we kind of stayed with the nudes and the reds for this collection and go crazier as we go on,” she told Vogue. “I hope they’re a good kind of accent to help people feel more confident.”

The actress explained that current trends that involve sculpting and contouring means that people are changing to look a very specific way.

“I think we’re at an interesting time right now with makeup,” she said.

“A lot of people are completely re-sculpting their faces and it makes everyone look the same, which to me is a shame.”

At the moment, enhanced lips, deeply contoured faces and accentuated eyebrows are among the most popular trends in beauty. When we think of makeup of this era in years to come, perhaps we’ll think of the Instagram face with the features mentioned above. While this look can be beautiful, and help to show off people’s cosmetic talents, it sees that Zoe wants people to remember that there is not one type of makeup look that you have to wear now.

And while we’re in the era of the Instagram face, we’re also at a really creative time in beauty where we have more makeup brands and collabs than ever before. So we think it’s great to experiment with everything that’s on offer at the moment, and find something that works best for you.

Zoe added: “Everyone is unique and different in their own way — I think that’s a beautiful thing, and makeup should be used to enhance that.”



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