20 Things To Get Excited For When Isolation Ends

Because things WILL get better

While all is not well with the world right now, there is one thing getting us through this difficult time. We see it stuck on the windows of the homes we walk by on our daily walks and in the faces of people we pass by on the weekly shop – hope.

We’re collective in our understanding that things aren’t the best right now, but the silver lining of that is we’re also collective in our understanding that things will get better. When normality does resume (and it will) we’ll emerge from the other side of this with a new sense of appreciation and zest.

Those things we took for granted before like a warm embrace from someone as you enter their home, or the thrill from seeing your waitress bring your food to the table, won’t be taken for granted anymore. We’ll revel in the humdrum because COVID has taught us that in fact, there’s magic in the mundane.

While we still have some time to go before things begin to look normal, daydreaming about living in those times again is something that’s keeping us all going at the minute.

So, if you’re in need of a little reminder of all the great things we have to look forward to again, here’s just a small snippet of all the things we’re yet to experience very soon.

1. Hugging (Your mam, your friends, your neighbours, your dentist, EVERYONE is getting hugged).

2. Boozy Brunch, that leads to a liquid lunch, and dancing on tables dinner.

3. Going to gigs

4.Spinning classes (you know things are bad when you’re looking forward to this)

5. Having a reason to put an outfit together

6. Getting those nails did

7. And the roots sorted while we’re at it

8. Perusing around duty-free

9. Picking up a coffee before work

10. Celebrating (Birthdays, weddings, being alive, everything has a reason for celebration now)

11. Having a routine

12. Having sex (if you know, you know)

13. Making friends with random girls in bathroom queues

14. Having lunchtime lols with colleagues

15. Trying on clothes IRL

16. Petting random dogs

17. Not feeling like a criminal every time you leave the house

18. Downloading a PDF menu to choose your meal days before going to a restaurant

19. Going to the cinema and ordering both popcorn and nachos 

20. Planning adventures