5 Deadly Ways To Make The Most Of Your Good Friday Day Off

An archaic tradition that keeps Ireland in the dark ages and puts publicans out of pocket, or simply one day without the sauce? Whatever your view on Good Friday is, if you’ve got the day off, put it to good use and try one of these (almost) alcohol-free activities.

BD Festival

BD Festival

A BYOB arts and music festival in isolated surroundings of Co. Wicklow. Sounds good? It is! The Barn Dance, which last year rebranded itself as BD Festival, returns for another year. A solid line up, including Mylo, Boots & Kats and Smash Hits, BD festival boasts much more than its ability to find a loophole in the country’s yearly ban on the sauce. So dust off the wellies and get the bumbags at the ready, festival season starts here. Click here for tickets.

Hit the flicks


A Friday night out that will leave you feeling fresh the next morning, if you’re stuck for plans this Friday why not take a trip to the cinema? Feeling adventurous? Head to the IFI. The relaxed surroundings play host to a multitude of indie and foreign language films. Court, an insightful look at India’s legal system, opens exclusively at the IFI this Friday. Feeling hungry? Head to your local for popcorn and an absolute feast à la Affleck and Cavill in Batman vs. Superman. #nom

Treat yo’self!

Confessions of a shopaholic

With more and more gorgeous spring/summer stuff in the shops, turn a Good Friday, great, with some serious splurging. While you should be wary that town will no doubt be jammers this Friday (chances are most of the country got paid this week too) we’ve got you covered! Shop from the comfort of your duvet by checking out our fashion section for our favourite online picks right now!

Unleash your inner foodie

Galway Food Festival

The 5th annual Galway Food festival takes place this coming Easter weekend. The five day festival of yum, which includes cooking demos and tastings from some of Galway’s top chefs, is a must for those with a love of eating (eh, yeah) and cooking alike. There is a variety of events dotted over the five days not to mention an amazing food market located in the bohemian backdrop of Galway’s Spanish Arch. Not to be missed, Good Friday’s events include a free breakfast baking demo (drool) and an expresso martini seminar from Badger & Dodo!

Demonstrate your domesticity

Roz Purcell Quinoa Salad

With just under 48 hours till Easter, we are filled with mixed feelings for a day (or two) of serious indulgence (crème eggs for breakfast anyone?). By all means enjoy the day that’s in it (we sure will), but why not start the weekend off right with a little clean cooking beforehand? Take the day to tap into your cooking talents and try one of these totally healthy and totally tasty recipes from our favourite foodie, Roz Purcell. We love her selection of spring juices and this yummy quinoa salad.