6 Little Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Leap Day This Month

You won't get it again for another four years, so why not take full advantage?

As you may already know, 2020 is a leap year, and we’re getting an extra day this month so that things continue to make sense for us on this planet we call Earth (we don’t like to think about the reasons for leap years too much or our brains begin to hurt).

That means lots of people will be celebrating their birthdays properly for the first time in four years – but it also gives the rest of us time to do something special. Why not make the most of it?

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Do something you’ve always put off

We all have a few simple things we’d love to do, but have never gotten around to, whether that’s eating in a restaurant you’ve had your eye on, going for a walk somewhere pretty, or exploring that museum you pass on your way to work. You’ve got time – just do it.

Clear everything out

The 29th seems like a fitting day to start fresh, doesn’t it? Begin March with a reorganised wardrobe, a clean room, and a fully stocked fridge. It’s not exactly ‘fun’, but you’ll feel great afterwards.

Throw a party

But not just your regular BYOB, stick a playlist on and hope for the best kind of party (although we love those too). Have a wine and cheese night, a potluck dinner party, a karaoke party… it’s up to you what kind of do you throw, but put on your hostess hat and enjoy.

Propose to someone

According to the custom, February 29 is the day for women to propose to their other halves. And while that’s a bit outdated and women can propose whenever they damn well please, why not just propose to someone on the Leap Day? You don’t even have to be attached! Could be anyone! Why not like? Liven things up a bit.

Watch the film Leap Year

Yes, the terrible Amy Adams vehicle set in Ireland. There’s no better day to scoff at its utter ridiculousness. Keep your eyes peeled for cameos from Pat Mustard and Granda Joe from Derry Girls!

Come see The Glow Up Live!

Listen. How could we not give ourselves a cheeky plug? The Glow Up is taking over The Mayson in Dublin on the 29th for a day of live podcast recordings, beauty chats, fashion workshops, and goodie bags. There are just a few tickets left, so get on it quick and spend your Leap Day with us!


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