6 Non-Fiction Book Picks To Read In 2021

Our top picks and must-reads.

Not feeling fiction lately? Well, you’re in luck, because 2021 is a big year for memoirs.

There’s plenty to choose from, particularly if you prefer your reading on the real side, we’ve picked out just six brand new books that have gone straight to the top of our must-read list. From essay collections to modern dating, get ready to sink your teeth in and enjoy.

My Body

by Emily Ratajkowski


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If you’re already familiar with Emily Ratajkowski’s writing you’ll know it’s both insightful and unflinching in its approach, especially when describing the female experience. With multiple strings to her bow as a model, actress and activist, she is well used to her body being treated like a commodity and spoken about in the public sphere. Through this collection of essays, she reclaims that narrative as she writes about female empowerment, sexuality and power.

This debut volume of essays dissects these subjects in a deeply personal way as it’s part memoir, part feminist text. She rocketed to fame at the age of just 21, and with multiple articles written which question her views on feminism, this is sure to make for an interesting read.  Out October 19th.

Taste, My Life Through Food 

by Stanley Tucci


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If, like us, you were slightly obsessed with Stanley Tucci’s cocktail making masterclasses during lockdown you’ll be delighted to hear he’s bringing out his own cookbook. The Devil Wears Prada actor kept himself and his followers entertained on Instagram throughout the last year showing us all how he makes his favourite cocktails and now he’s sharing that knowledge.

His cookbook is due out later this year and will be part memoir, part recipes, part cocktail making guides. With his witty sense of humour and Italian American heritage, this is sure to be equal parts funny and delicious. Out October 7th.

Décor Galore 

by Laura DeBarra


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The Queen of She-IY is back! Property developer and illustrator Laura DeBarra’s second book will be out later this year and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. The Cork native’s first book, Gaff Goddess, was all about teaching you the skills and empowering you to look after your home properly, without feeling out of your depth. Décor Galore is focused more on aesthetics as she teaches us her tips and tricks on how to revamp your home on a budget.

Making the most of what you have, being creative and practical, and creating a space that is timeless is the name of the game here. Out October 14th. 


by Sophie White


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Somehow author Sophie White managed to write a book during the pandemic with a newborn. We bow down to her and the impressive amount of hard work and time juggling that must have gone into this latest work.

This book of essays covers motherhood, mental illness, grief and being a woman in the 21st century. It’s raw, grief and being a woman in the 21st century. It’s raw, unflinching and makes for sometimes visceral reading. Her writing in this collection has been described as Nora Ephron meets Bram Stoker and if that doesn’t make you want to pick up a copy, we don’t know what will. Out March 4th. 

Jump Start 

by Daniella Moyles

You may already be familiar with Daniella Moyles and her memoir, Jump. Published last year, it was an instant bestseller as she delved into her battle with anxiety and burnout, and how she changed her life for the better.

Now, Daniella has used this cathartic experience, as well as her background in psychology to release a follow up to her memoir, Jump Start is designed to help the reader. This book will guide you towards being more compassionate with yourself, as well as taking you on a journey of self-growth and discovery. After the difficult twelve months we’ve all had, a book that can help us with our relationships, and living a more purposeful life is more needed now than ever. Out this month. 

Millenial Love 

by Olivia Petter


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Finding romance as a millennial isn’t easy. The idea of being set up with someone or even meeting ‘the one’ at a bar or at work seems like an almost retro concept in 2021. Love is complicated now, once you get a handle on all the different dating apps there’s also a whole plethora of new dating terms like ghosting, cat-fishing and gas-lighting to wrap your head around.

Based on the popular podcast of the same name, journalist Olivia Petter, looks at how apps, social media and romance can converge to create a 21st century relationship. Within, she asks what is the future of love in this ever-changing digital landscape and how does it impact contemporary dating? We need answers, stat. Out June 10th. 

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