7 Netflix Series You’re Going To Be Totally Obsessed With This Year

Prepare to be glued to your laptop screen. These Netflix picks are totally addictive viewing.

1. Love

We guarantee you’re going to be obsessed with this one. Love is a new series out on February 19th and as the title implies it’s about all things love. This ones a bit different from the rest though, it gives a down to earth look at dating (the good, the bad and the fugly) from both the male and female perspective. Maybe don’t watch this with your SO though, as we think the male and female perspectives could be a recipe for some serious arguments.

2. House Of Cards Season 4

Frank Underwood and co are back and better than ever. If you haven’t watched seasons one to three start before season four hits our screens on March 4th but, if you’re anything like us it will take you about 72 consecutive hours. Season four is bound to return with a bang with Frank Underwood finally in the position he always wanted, although the makers haven’t given much away we can only imagine the turmoil and drama that will ensue.

3. Fuller House

Netflix has taken this on as a sequel to the 1987-1995 sitcom Full House. For those of you too young to remember the sitcom all you need to know is that it’s where the super stylish Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started their career as young sprogs and it has a heap of other famous cast members who are set to return for the sequel. Fuller House is definitely one to watch for when you just want to chill and switch off. Plus the delish John Stamos is staring. It’s making its much-anticipated debut Feb 26 -definitely an important date for the diary.

4. Chelsea Does

You’ll probably recognise Chelsea Handler for her hit show Chelsea Lately, but now the comedian has joined forces with Netflix, starring in a completely different type of talk show. Chelsea does features Chelsea travelling around the globe talking to a number of famous faces about everything from make-up and dresses to drugs and racism. It’s due to hit our screens Jan 23rd and we can’t wait!

5. Jessica Jones

Ok, if you haven’t already started this then stop everything you’re doing and start from the beginning. This show has had us totally hooked since its release in November 2015. The series is based on Marvel comic book character Jessica Jones. Jessica’s superhero career has ended and she has opened up a detective agency as a result. Sound a bit strange? Well, that’s because it’s totally wacky and wonderful. The show is full of mystery and suspense and of course obligatory love triangles too.

6. Orange Is The New Black Season 4

orange is the new black

Hallelujah! Orange Is The New Black season four is coming to our screens in June and we can’t wait! This is definitely one of the most highly anticipated series of the New Year and we have no doubt it is going to live up to all the hype and expectations. There are so many questions we need answered; is crazy eyes finally going to have an on-screen romance? Will Alex be returning? Will we ever see Nicky again? June can’t come fast enough.

7. Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

Ok, we can’t confirm the exact date of its return just yet, but rumours have been flying around that our fave show ever could be making its Netflix debut in 2016. It was confirmed last year that the show was definitely making a comeback and although we started petitioning for a new series back when it ended in 2007 we are glad someone finally started taking notice of our protesting.


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