Introducing the STELLAR X Centra Wines We Love Club

STELLAR PROMOTION: Wine expert Nadia El Ferdaoussi is taking the hassle out of choosing the perfect bottle!

The Centra ‘Wines We Love‘ Range

When you walk into a shop and see rows and rows of wine, all neatly stacked on the shelves, it can be easy to just go for the label you recognise or the name that seems familiar. How do you choose the right one without fear of arriving home to something you don’t like? It might not be a life-changing decision, but there could be a world of wine out there you never knew you loved. With the Centra ‘Wines We Love’ range, the selection has been simplified for us, the team who choose the wines sold in our local Centra stores have deliberated long and hard to make sure those bottles on the shelf will speak to what you like. 

Have you ever picked up a bottle and immediately put it back because the label was exclusively in French or Spanish and you didn’t understand a word? You won’t need to worry about that with the Wines We Love range at Centra, as all the translating and decoding of wine terminology has already been done for us, so it’s easier to see at a glance the kind of wine we want to drink. Once the guesswork is taken out of choosing a wine, it’s much more likely you’ll be confident in picking the right bottle for you, everything is easy to understand and totally approachable. Not to mention affordable! There are ten wines in the line up, ranging from €8-12. They’re unique, but they also have that familiar Centra stamp of approval and are all chosen by the in-house team of wine experts, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Wine expert Nadia El Ferdaoussi will be taking us through the Centra Wines We Love range over the coming months

The ‘Wines We Love’ line up reflects changing trends in the wine world. Organic produce is becoming increasingly important to a lot of people, but thankfully we’re no longer paying a premium for organic wines as they become more commonplace. Centra’s Rock & Roots Organic Verdejo Sauvignon and Tempranillo prove that, priced at only €9 each. The white wine blend is light and refreshing, ideal if you’ve picked up some sushi on the way home from work. The red is one of my new favourites, it’s going to be a massive hit this autumn with it’s vibrant juicy flavour it screams ‘feet up in front of the fire’ and pairs perfectly with pizza. Similarly, I can see the Chocolate Moose Carignan, €10, as a cosy new winter classic. It’s strong and full, yet incredibly easy to drink and the deep cherry red colour is simply divine. The bottle deserves a mention too, with its impressive moose-head. A dripping wax candle would look fab as a festive upcycled piece for your mantle over winter.

Rosé has become a lifestyle choice, rather than just a warm weather tipple.

Speaking of seasons, rosé has become a lifestyle choice, rather than just a warm weather tipple. We’ve finally shaken the memories of overly sweet styles and understand that the newer Provençe type rosés are dry, light and much more food-friendly. Chic Pépée perfectly fits this profile, with its delicate shade of pink and crushed frozen strawberry flavour. Just as refreshing in the colder months as it tasted all summer long, this time no ice necessary.

If, like myself and many others, you’ve been on a bit of a wine journey, it might be time to try something new and it seems most of us are following a natural progression. You might have started with a sweet tasting, bright pink White Zinfandel before moving on to a more sophisticated Pinot Grigio then graduated to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Sound familiar? If so, I’m going to need you to trust me on this one and try a Chardonnay next. Much like with rosés of past, the variety suffers from a tarnished reputation. Over-oaked Chardonnays compensated for less than premium quality wine. These days though, you’re much more likely to find a crisp and clean style, such as the Vega Roja Chardonnay from the Wines We Love range, only €8 in Centra. The wine is fermented in chilled stainless steel, so it never sees any oak ageing and retains the pure citrus fruit flavour. 

The modern approach to Centra’s Wines We Love is similar to a simplified wine list in a bar, favourites that will please most palettes so there’s no need to deliberate too long. Choosing a bottle you’ll love at your local Centra is now even easier than ever before. Happy shopping!

Wine terminology explained 

  • Acidity – that’s usually a good thing, it’s the mouth watering feel you experience when you drink certain wines
  • Finish – how long you taste the flavours after taking a sip
  • Dry – not sweet
  • Vintage – the year the grapes were harvested 
  • Sulphites – a preservative used to keep wine fresh
  • Body – the weight of the wine in your mouth 
  • Tannic – leaves a dry mouth feel, a bit like unsweetened black tea 
  • Appellation – a designated wine growing area with rules and regulations 
  • Blend – made from more than one type of grape
  • Varietal – type of grape 

Top five tips for reading wine labels

  1. Check the back of the bottle for suggested food pairings if you’re buying wine to enjoy with a meal, e.g. Chic Pépée is great with smoked salmon or salads
  2. If you see the word ‘fruity’, the wine can taste slightly sweeter – but without having any extra sugar!
  3. Don’t worry too much about the year, most affordable wine is meant to be drunk relatively young
  4. If you know you like Sauvignon Blanc, why not try a blend like the Of Course Sauvignon Viognier, €9, for something a little different
  5. There’s no harm picking up a bottle just because you like the shape or label, often they’re designed to reflect the wine inside

Find out more about the Centra Wines We Love range here. and pick up a copy of STELLAR every month for more on our STELLAR X Centra Wines We Love Club!