9 Deadly Date Ideas That Are Anything But Dull

Bored of going for a meal and a movie with your BF? Or, er, doing sweet shag all? We've got you sorted.

girl and guy on date

We love spending time with himself but if we have to sit through another action thriller down the local cinema we think we might just scream. So we’ve come up with a bunch of fun stuff to do instead.

1 Go to a whiskey tasting
Why? Um, there’ll be a lot of whiskey there and you get to stumble home hand in hand with your beau after a chinful. The Celtic Whiskey Shop runs tastings on the last Thursday of every month.

2 Head to a table quiz night
Hit up your local for a night of trivia. He gets to showcase his knowledge on sport; you get to flex your geek muscle, munch on crisps and drink cider. What’s not to love? Visit Quiz Ireland for a list of table quizzes in your area.

3 Go to a drive in movie
Like a regular movie except you’re in your car with the heater on and you can make out in the back seat without any judgement from other movie goers. Like? Hit up Cork’s Movie Junction to watch the latest flicks from the comfiest seat in town.

4 Do something outdoorsy
‘Cause getting all muddy, sweaty and competitive beats snuggling on the couch any day. Visit The Zone to book activities like paint balling, clay pigeon shooting and karting. Get your game face on!

5 Take a cookery class together
It’s messy and you get to laugh at his lopsided caramel macaroons. Plus who knows, it might encourage him to make the dinner more often. Maybe. You hope. Join a Sushi Workshop, a Cupcakes and Icing Class or an Essential Cookery Course at Cooks Academy.

6 Get ye to your local games arcade
You get to beat him at racing; he gets to huff and look pouty because you wiped his top score. That sounds like fun to us. Drop by Dr Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium where you can have a flutter on the slots or jump abroad the simulated Grand Canyon roller coaster.

7 Visit a haunted house
Obviously something you’d never want to do on your own, so pair up with himself and take a tour of Wexford’s Loftus Hall AKA Ireland’s most haunted house. Sure you’ll probably never sleep again, but at least you’ll get in a few extra cuddles when you get a fright.

8 Try cocktail mixing
Reckon you’ve got what it takes to make a killer cocktail? Or just fancy a boozy afternoon? Get creative with your fella at a cocktail mixing classing. You’ll be the hostess with the mostess the next time you’re entertaining. Plus you both get to sample your creations, whether, um, they taste good or not.

9 Visit a chocolate factory
Two words. Chocolate heaven. Hit up Butler’s Ultimate Chocolate Experience where you can take a tour of a real life chocolate factory and the two of you can decorate your own chocolate novelties to scoff when you get home.