#CheatClean: 4 Takeaway Meals That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Whether you're ordering pizza, Indian, Chinese or chips, there's always a healthy option. Here's which takeaway meals won't derail your healthy eating efforts.

You’ve been well behaved all week but now that the weekend has arrived so has your insatiable appetite. Whether you’re craving Dominos to cure your hangover or having a Chinese with a bottle of vino on Saturday night, it seems impossible to say no to indulging in a delish takeaway.

Thankfully, by being smart about what you order, you can still have that yummy cheat meal. Here’s what to pick from the menu to stay on track.

1. If you’re having pizza…

pizza pic

This ones a bit tricky as pizza is usually chocker with calories, but there is a way around this.  For a healthier bite, opt for a thin base, choose low-fat mozzarella and switch out calorific toppings like ground beef and sausage for veggies and feta cheese. Heading to Milano? They have a section dedicated to pizzas under 500 calories.

2. If you’re having Indian…


Indian sauces tend to be rich and creamy and super high in calories. Where possible opt for tomato-based curries instead, choose boiled rice over pilau and steer clear of naan breads.  The healthiest option on the menu? It’s gotta be Tandoori chicken with boiled rice.

3. If you’re having Chinese…

veg stir fry

If you’re in the mood for a starter then you’re in the right place because most chinese restaurants serve broths that are super yummy and really low in calories. When ordering your main, stay away from anything fried, ask for your sauce on the side, and choose boiled rice over fried rice. Oh, and whatever you do steer clear of the prawn crackers; they have a whopping 608 calories per portion! Our fave healthy meal from the Chinese is vegetable stir-fry; satisfying and super-tasty.

4. If you’re hitting up your local chipper…

chicken burger and sweet poatao

Burgers and chips are sooooo good but oh-so-bad for you. For a healthier meal, choose grilled chicken over beef, avoid cheese and opt for extra lettuce and tomatoes to fill up the burger. Ordering chips? Choose sweet potato fries over regular fries, and wash it all down with a diet drink. You’ll be saving yourself a serious amount of calories, while still getting your weekend takeaway fix. #Winning.