Drop Everything, You Can Now Rent The House Of Gucci Villa

So do Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek come with or…?


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After what feels like months of TikTok teasers House of Gucci has officially arrived, and we’re all a little bit obsessed. Now, if you’re wanting to live your best House of Gucci life, it might be a bit challenging. After all, wardrobes full of vintage Gucci don’t just fall from the sky.

But as it turns out, the creators might not be ethical, but they are fair.

Now even us mere mortals can live the opulent life. As the house (more like the mansion) from House of Gucci is available to rent on Airbnb.

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The site describes the location as “one of the largest private residences on the lake, with an extensive sumptuous garden, which was distinguished by the British Society of Garden Designers and which guests will recognise from the new House of Gucci movie. Outdoor swimming pool, a private pier and a boathouse await.”

A private pier and boathouse, fancy!

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But obviously, a holiday that extravagant is meant to be shared, and luckily there is plenty of room for the whole family. Although if your family dynamic is anything like the one from House of Gucci, maybe just bring some friends.

The villa boasts six luxurious suites that were all designed by the renowned interior decorator Jacques Garcia. Each one was individually designed, so they are all unique.

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And, of course, even the bathrooms are glamorous. Being decorated in marble with chic designs. Your nighttime skincare routine would be next level there.

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Not to mention the amazing views. When they say situated next to Lake Como they mean right NEXT to. It is practically in the back garden!

Booking opens on the 6th of December so nows the time to get things organised.

Words by Sláine McKenna




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