Dublin Pride Is Going Digital This Year

Here's everything you need to know

Two months into lockdown and we’ve come to terms with the idea that summer 2020 isn’t exactly going to be the most thrilling. From postponed trips abroad to cancelled festivals, it looks as though summer 2021 will be the one.

But thankfully, due to the wonderful thing that is modern technology we’re still able to enjoy a lot of events digitally. Yeah, they may not be the exact same as what we would have hoped, but we still something things to look forward to, and that we can all enjoy together.

One of those events? Dublin Pride, of course!

Dublin Pride is the largest fundraising event of the year for many LGBTI+ community organisations and charities in Ireland, as well as this, it’s where people can come together to celebrate the LGBTI+ community, and just have a fab time together.

Initially, the parade was postponed until September, but now, plans have changed and we’re all going to celebrate together, albeit digitally, from June 18th to the 28th.

The Digital Pride Parade will be hosted live by Paul Ryder and Eddie McGuinness, and will be a mix of submissions from the various LGBTI+ community organisations and partners, as well as live submissions from the public.

One of the hosts of Dublin’s Digital Pride, RuPaul Ryder, explained how important Pride is, particularly for younger people,

“It’s so important to learn about Pride from a young age and it’s a time for them to express who they are, what they are and who they love in a safe space. Time to support their friends and remember that everyone’s choices are just that, choices belonging to them. I meet so many teenagers at Pride and it’s always my favourite time. 🙌🏼🏳️‍🌈”



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Every year, Pride is a massive celebration for so many people. While we can’t all celebrate together, we’re still very much in this together. That’s where the theme for Digital Pride comes from, “In This Together”.

According to a statement released by Dublin LGBTQ Pride, they “knew it was not just a phrase, but a responsibility. ”

“A responsibility to act in the best interests of all our communities, to react to changing circumstances and to support our frontline workers.”

For the first-ever digitally hosted Pride Parade, there’ll be an interactive parade and concerts. But just like every other year, buildings will still light up for Pride, flags will be flying high and everyone will still be there to support each other.

Not all events have been announced just yet (stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated!) but we do know that the virtual parade will be taking place on Sunday, June 28th at 12:00 pm. Check out more details right here.