Feeding A Fussy Eater? Here’s Where To Order From To Please The Whole Family

There's something here for everyone!

Few things are as frustrating as trying to order food with someone who keeps saying, ‘but I don’t like that,’ right? When you’re hungry, the last thing you need is a fussy eater making you hangry!

But there are lots of places you can order from to please the whole family. Deliveroo brings Ireland’s finest local restaurants into everyone’s home – fast. And with lots of varied menus to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit everyone’s tastes. Simply type your address into the search bar and see all of the best, local eateries in your area appear. Then choose your picks and hit ‘order’. Easy!

Plus, with free delivery for STELLAR readers for the entire month of December, you’ve no reason not to. Just use the code STELLAROO at the checkout.

Here we’ve compiled a list of Deliveroo restaurants that cater to the fussiest of eaters, check it out below:

Jo Burger

These burgers can be ultra-customised, whether you want it veggie, beef, fish, or chicken. Then decide on your bun, cheese, toppings and sides. Prefer a salad? No problem. They’ve got a variety of those too, as well as fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. Yum!

Ciao Woodfire Pizza

This pizzeria allows you to customise your meal down to the very last topping! Choose your base sauce, the type of oil and herbs you want, and bask in the generous variety of toppings available. Prefer it plain? You got it! Leave the boxes blank and Bob’s your uncle!

Bombay Flame

This restaurant combines the very best of Mexican and Indian cuisine, offering halal dishes that are full of flavour. They use only the best ingredients to ensure that your meal is full of taste and nutrition, and the menu includes a mix of veggie and meat options.


While you might want to choose from Sprout’s set salad menu, your fussy friend can opt for the Protein Grain Bowl. This allows them to select the *exact* ingredients they want, from garden peas and chilli, to roasted butternut squash and beetroot. Plus, any sauces or dressing they order will come in a separate tub on the side.


Not only can your choosey pal pick between a bowl, a burrito, a salad or fajita, they can also decide exactly what goes into it. From the type of meat to the type of salsa (heck, they can even pick ‘no salsa’ if they want), the choice is up to them!

Good to Go

This place is ideal for any anyone with kids or family members living by the paleo lifestyle. The restaurant was founded by a couple who wanted to make healthy food for their children, and all dishes are crafted from fresh, ethically-sourced produce. We love the diverse range of sides available, including potato wedges, brown rice, wild rice, noodles, and chunky Irish fries.


Need food that’s gluten-free and/or halal? This Moroccan restaurant is for you. With dishes including fish, chicken and lamb, there’s plenty of variety, and everything is seasoned beautifully with spices and nuts.

Uncle Pete’s

When it comes to diversity, it doesn’t get much better than Uncle Pete’s in Cork. With gluten free options, as well as a mix of pizzas, burgers, fish, falafel, pastas and soups, you’re bound to find something to suit. Plus, they can deliver dessert and booze to you too! #TheDream.

My Meat Wagon

This one’s for meat lovers who like things done simply. Enjoy your chosen meat in a box, served with bread and fries. Stick to one type or mix and match between pork, beef and chicken.

To order, visit Deliveroo.ie now, or download the Deliveroo app from the App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the links below:


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