5 Tips To Help Have The Most Peaceful Airport Experience Ever

Let's go on holiday!

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There are two types of people when going on holidays, those who love the airport, get there early, browse the duty free and hit holiday mode the moment they enter the building. Then there’s the airport hater, they want to be in and out of there as soon as possible, their holiday doesn’t begin until they’re on the plane.

For some, one of the most stressful parts of any holiday can be the airport. From finding the gate, to lugging around too many bits and bobs, sometimes the airport can put a damper on any holiday, before it even begins.

If you’re not an airport person, you might need a few tips to ensure that this year, your airport experience is as peaceful as possible.

And we’ve got them for you!

1. Documents in check!

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Almost everything is digital these days, and although it is so handy to not have to print out documents every time you head away, it can be quite a help for people who find the airport process stressful. This way you’ll have two of everything, digital and physical and you can reach for whatever is easiest for you at any given time.

Now, documents themselves can be stressful if not stored properly, no one wants them sticking out of their bags.

There are ways to make yourself more organised and fly through check-in at the airport, a document travel wallet is the way to go. Most travel wallets will have various compartments to store your passport and any other travel documents, it will all be in one place if you need to check any information or present it to staff.

Stuff you’ll likely need in your travel wallet include:

  • Passport 
  • Boarding passes- always a good idea to have these printed in case your phone dies or you lose it while away 
  • Any visa documents needed 
  • Hotel confirmation- same reason as boarding pass 
  • Flight details 
  • Proof of vaccination – usually for outside of Europe
  • EHIC card or healthcare documents
  • Any insurance documents you may need (travel, health)

2. No clutter

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Have you ever been trying to find something quickly in your bag in the airport but you can’t find it because your bag is too jam packed?

Your carry-on handbag should only have the essentials- yes, I am sure you won’t need the 57 things you think you are going to use on the plane.

Your carry on should include:

  • Your travel wallet- passport, boarding pass etc
  • Earphones/headphones
  • A book
  • Some snacks 
  • A water bottle – a refillable is so handy when travelling
  • A pen- you never know when you will need a pen!
  • Charger 
  • Portable charger 
  • Wallet or purse 
  • Sunglasses- you will want them the minute you land in the sun, trust us!

3. Be Ready for Security 

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We have all had the person in front of us at the security line who just is not prepared, and makes everyone else around stressed just watching how unorganised they are. Don’t be that person!

Getting through security stress free is easy, after all nearly every airport in the world has the same system. 

Before you leave for the airport make sure you put all your liquids in a zip lock bag or at least have them ready to put straight into one when you get there.

Make sure you are not the person who has to throw away the new bottle of perfume because it’s over 100ml. Everything over 100ml goes into the checked in bag and if you don’t have one then it’s time to invest in some travel size perfume. 

Put all electronics near the top of the bag in case you need to take them out for security. Wear minimal jewellery, you do not want to walk through the metal detector nine times. 

Boots or heels need to be taken off- always carry some socks in your carry on just in case you are wearing sandals as some airports require all shoes to be taken off. Belts and coins in pockets must also be put in the tray.

This may sound like a lot but most of it can be done prior to arrival at the airport and then it’s smooth sailing.

4. The Dad of the group!

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‘Airport Dad’ is a term that has taken over the internet when it comes to holiday time, this is the person (often a father but not exclusively a father) that gets up every five seconds to check the gate number and make sure the flight has not magically been brought forward by 3 hours.

If you are this person, fair play, you’re making sure you don’t miss a thing, but there could be an easier way. Look up the airport you are going to and chances are they have an app, majority of these apps will give you updates on your flight so you can enjoy your coffee or pre-holiday pint without impersonating a jack in the box.

5. Never Travel on an empty stomach

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This may seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how easy it is to find time to eat on travel day. Between the stress of getting through check-in and security you may not have a moment to sit down and eat something on top of this.

Bringing a packed lunch or grabbing something to go can be a lifesaver especially when you are landing in a new country and might not be able to eat for a few hours after you arrive. Just make sure you’re not bringing anything with nuts on to the plane!



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