Got A First Date In Dublin? These Five Pubs Are The Best Places To Go

It's the all-important first date, and location is everything. Lucky for you, we've found five deadly hotspots.

As Irish people, we’re firm believers that the first date should generally take place in a pub. A dinner is far too awkward and whether we like to admit it or not, generally things flow better when alcohol is involved. So whether you’ve swiped right on Tinder or bumped into them on a night out, we’ve rounded up five pubs in Dublin that are perfect for your first date.  We’ve also kept them central, just in case you need to quickly escape (thank us later).

Peruke and Periwig, Dawson Street


This is a seriously special little spot with gorgeous decor and a very warm ambience. It’s romantic and cosy and has one of the best cocktail menus in Dublin at the moment. Suggest a date here and order The Cold S’mores for yourself. It’s a marshmallow infused vodka cocktail complete with kahlúa, cream, and toasted marshmallows. #yesplease.

Anseo, Camden Street


This is even cosier than option one and probably one of the most charming pubs in Dublin. It’s absolutely tiny, dimly lit, and packed full of book shelves giving the sense that you’re in somebody’s living room down the country. It gets pretty jammers so you might want to have your first date here midweek to avoid the crowds and get a seat. If it gets too busy, head across to Against The Grain, equally as nice of a spot for date night.

Porter House, Nassau Street

Porter House

There’s a few Porter Houses dotted around Dublin but the latest addition to the group, The Dingle Whiskey Bar, is our pick for this list. It has a beautiful interior made of reclaimed oak wood and softly playing jazz music in the background. If you’re a whiskey fan, all the better, as the whiskey menu is obviously extensive (there’s 150 different types on the menu). If whiskey’s not your thing, check out one of their equally cosy sister bars.

Market Bar, Fade Street

Market Bar

Market Bar on Fade Street is an old reliable. It’s casual and chilled out and has a large open-area seating space and gorgeously high ceilings. It’s always busy and full of chatter so the chances of any awkward silences are slim to none. You’re smack bang in the middle of town and are a stones throw away from Söder+Ko, where you can venture to afterwards if the date goes well.

Yamamori Isakaya, George’s Street


The downstairs of this restaurant is a lovely place for a first date. It’s small and has a great cocktail selection for you to choose from. It’s also intimate enough so that you’re not worried about being spotted by anyone. If the date goes pleasantly, you can head upstairs for some sushi or run across the road to 777 for a bite.