Heading Off? Here’s The Travel News You Need To Know This March

From the can't-miss destos to the best value routes.

Om and go

Travelling can be quite stressful for the most part. There’s the removing your shoes in public, the leg room, the caffeine OD and the whole being stuck in a flying tube pumped with air that feels like whatever the opposite of Crème de la Mer is. And that’s not to mention the trial that is checking in to a foreign hotel with an Irish name. Thankfully, respite is on the way in the form of meditation apps specifically for people in transit. Unfortunately, you can’t sit up and do a proper body scan but the app Simple Habit (iOS, €11.99 a month) has sessions such as “Waiting at the Airport” to “Just Landed” to help you cope with the bustle. We’ve yet to confirm if it can take on rude staff rage.

Route news

Budget airline RyanAir no longer has to compete with Aer Lingus when it comes to ferrying travellers from Dublin to the excellent city of Porto in Portugal. Apparently uptake for the Aer Lingus planned summer route wasn’t too enthused. In the meantime, RyanAir will be operating five-times weekly route to the city, which we’d highly recommend in early summer after we went on a press trip there with Parfois last year. So. Much. Sangria.

Book it now

Cornwall gets jammers in the Summer, and with Poldark transmitting the past two years, it’s only attracting more people in search of Aidan Turner-like landowners staring out at the sea. (They’re thin on the ground to be honest, but there is a strong surfing community if you are looking for an updated and happier Shirley Valentine time.) Aer Lingus Regional flies from Cork to the county’s surfing mecca Newquay from May 6 – September 2.

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