How To Have A Deadly Weekend On Only €20

Experiencing a serious lack of funds after last week's wild one? Well, fear not because we've got the deets on how to have a fab weekend on limited funds.

Girls weekend

We’re all feeling the pinch around this time of the month, I mean its been over three weeks since pay day, so is it any wonder we’re seriously strapped for cash? But fear not lady friend, because you can still have a fab weekend with limited funds and you know what? You might actually enjoy it more than you think! Here’s how:

1. Come Dine With Me with the gals

Fancy yourself a bit of foodie? Well why not show off your fave dish to your friends? Get everyone to bring one dish each, split a bottle of vino with your bestie, have a good aul chin wag and you’ve got yourself a great night. Best of all if you’re all splitting the cost by making only one dish each and you’re not getting totally locked and buying a load of rounds you’re only going to spend a few euros. Sorted.

2. Cinema date

Netflix is great ‘n all but nothings better then a good old fashioned cinema date, is it? But if you don’t wanna fork out for a ticket you can turn your living room into your very own personal cinema. Draw the curtains, plug your laptop into a loud set of surround sound speakers (borrow from a pal if you don’t have any) and recreate classic cinema treats like popcorn and nachos. All that’s left to do is to get watching some of your Netflix faves with your boyfriend or your besties.

3.Go hiking in Glendalough and reward yourself with a big feed afterwards

There’s nothing more satisfying  than a big feed after any form of exercise, so imagine how good you’d feel after a serious exercise sesh in the beautiful surroundings of Glendalough? It’s free and super healthy! We’ve rounded up five of our favourite Dublin eateries where you can grab a bite for under a tenner afterwards too. Score.

4. Take the Hop-on Hop-off Dublin Bus Tour

We love hopping on a tour bus in other cities, but what about taking a ride around our own fair city? Although we may think we know everything deadly about Dublin, are you sure you know all of our amazing history? Because, we don’t mean to brag, but it’s pretty impressive! It’s only €20 for the day and you can hop on and off as you wish. We say embrace your inner tourist and see Dublin through new eyes. Not living in the city? Why not take a trip to your local museum or national park?

5. BYOB bowling

Admit it, you seriously loved those stylin’ bowling shoes when you were younger. Well, why not try out some adult bowling fun with the coolest shoes ever? So many bowling alleys around the country do BYOB  nights, so grab a team and head down to a bowling alley for some serious craic. And at only €10-15 a pop, its an absolute steal!

By Laura Somers.


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