8 Ways To Romanticise October Like A Pro

Pass us a pumpkin spice latte, we've got romanticising to do!

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing, the scarves are coming out and your TikTok fyp is covered in aesthetic cottages in the middle of nowhere with tartan blankets and stove fires.

Autumn is in full swing. And although we had an amazing summer, and we were living our hot girl lives to the fullest, it is now cosy girl autumn and that is A-Okay with us.

There’s something special about the change of seasons, it brings a little excitement and light to the mundane when you can adapt new habits, bring out new wardrobe items and settle yourself into the vibe of the season at hand. Autumn is all about cosy and comfort, and you don’t have to be a horror fanatic to embrace all things October.

Of course, autumn runs for three months, but something about October screams peak autumn vibes, it’s definitely no longer summer and Christmas is far enough away to not be on the radar just yet (for most people). October has its own sort of magic.

Even if you’re not usually an autumn hun, we invite you to give it a go this season. Romanticising life is something we adore doing here at STELLAR, and something that’s quite important to add a bit of extra magic to your days.

We’ve created the ultimate list of ways you can indulge in the true cosy girl autumn life, and make this season one you’ll remember.

Wardrobe revival


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Summer has been fun, but it’s well and truly over, so you can pack away those denim cut offs for another year. Now, it’s all about autumnal vibes, we’re talking cosy jumpers, knee-high boots with long sleeved dresses, scarves, UGGs, Boston Birkenstocks, jeans and even hoodies and tracksuits.

There’s a way to make comfy cute and that’s what the aim is during autumn. Think Gilmore Girls, think warmth, sweater weather, feeling cosy when you’re out and about but not sweating. The just right amount of layers without needed a full winter coat. That’s our October aesthetic – and it is elite. There’s something about feeling comfortable in what you wear outside that gives you an extra boost of confidence, UGGs may as well be a pair of killer heels with the strut they give us, if you’ve not tried it yet you need to.

Movies and TV


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There’s a genre of autumn watches that can get you in the mood for the season, but it’s not exclusive. Your October watch list should include your comfort shows, the movies that give you a warm feeling inside, your favourite show that has a new episode out weekly, or maybe hasn’t had a new episode in years but you replay it anyways.

Comfort is the theme that runs throughout the season and it doesn’t stop at clothing. Picture yourself perched on your sofa on a chilly evening with the fire sparked up for one of the first times this year, what’re you flicking on? It could be a classic Halloween flick like Hocus Pocus, or even the brand-new sequel on Disney+! Or maybe it’s Gilmore Girls, whether it’s your first of fifth time watching it, the vibes are elite and always welcome.

Whatever your choice, make sure it’s something that brings you joy, as the evenings get colder and darker, prioritising time for things that make you excited to stay indoors can help in adjusting to the change of season and perhaps help to avoid the post summer slump even a little bit. Make your evenings your ideal cosy treat.

Warm drinks

We know you love an iced coffee and all the notions that comes with the slush of the straw as you mix it. But it’s time for a change, your hand is going to be freezing carrying around a chilly drink as the temperatures drop. Get yourself into the autumn mood with a warm drink of choice to join you on your walks with pals, way to work or your sofa at the end of a long day.

A firm October fave of many is a pumpkin spice latte, if that’s not for you any warm coffee will do! If you’re not a coffee drinker, hot chocolate is always a go-to autumn/winter drink, or even a simple tea, what’s better than a steaming mug of tea on the sofa with your favourite movie and half a packet of biscuits? Herbal teas can also do the job and there’s so many flavours your bound to find one that brings some autumnal joy.

Moments of joy


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Speaking of joy, creating a moment of joy in your daily life is so important for living in general and especially important in the process of romanticising. Think about the simple things that you love to do, take a bath? Watch your favourite show? Treat yourself to that takeaway on a Friday evening? Whatever it may be, make it a priority.

When life is busy with work and other commitments the day can slip away from you, especially as the sun begins to set earlier. Building time for yourself and the things you love in to your schedule is a sure-fire way to make sure you have a special moment of joy each day. Make these non-negotiables and it can be as easy as having time for a cup of tea to yourself before work.

Make a list of what brings you joy and start acting on it!


Simple and very effective. Going for a walk at each different time of year can bring a whole new experience. In October, walks consist of bundling up, stepping on crunchy leaves, taking in the rusty colours around you and feeling like you’re in the opening credits of a movie.

Festive activities


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With October comes Halloween, and no matter if you’re a full-blown witch, or a scaredy cat there’s an activity for everyone to embrace the festivities.

Starting off with a wholesome, super aesthetic one, heading to a pumpkin patch! We’ve been seeing these pop up around Ireland over the last few years more and more, with their popularity in America influencing our social media feeds. Here you can pick out your perfect pumpkin, get a cute pick on the patch and bring it home to carve! How fun!

Get your house ready too with some cute autumnal decor, pumpkins, candles, wreathes the lot! Nothing says cosy like a pumpkin spice scent throughout your home!

If you’re one for fancy dress, planning or attending a fancy dress event around Halloween is always fun, get creative and come up with a great costume that you’ll have fun creating and portraying! Get your friends involved for a group costume, Mean Girls anyone?

Ireland also has some spooky attractions for those who like a bit of a thrill, get chased through fields by ghouls at Farmaphobia or visit a haunted location such as Loftus Hall for a terrifying tour… Whatever will get you into the Halloween spirit!



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Halloween is always associated with treats! So why not have some fun in the kitchen and bake up a storm of Halloween goodies, pumpkin flavoured anything, or just your favourite usual bakes like cookies and brownies, add some themed marshmallows for a spooky aesthetic!



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Taylor Swift is the ultimate autumn artist, and with her new album releasing this month, she is the perfect choice to set the cosy atmosphere for your main character October. Until we get the new release, we recommend Folklore, Evermore and Red (Taylor’s Version) – Thank us later!


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