Influencers Are Obsessed With This Blue Lake But It Turns Out It’s A Toxic Dump

We all know that some people will go to great lengths to get the perfect snap for Insta, and this latest setting definitely proves it.

A turquoise lake in Siberia is a popular spot among influencers at the moment, due to it’s unusual hue and picturesque setting.


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Nicknamed the ‘Novosibirsk Maldives’, the lake is tagged hundreds of times on Instagram by travel bloggers, Instagram celebs and even newlyweds.


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But of course, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is, as the lake isn’t this rare colour because of a natural miracle.

It turns out, the lake is actually a toxic dump for a power plant. This means the lake contains calcium salts and other metal oxides from the plant.

The power plant company has even had to warn people to stay away from the water.

“DO NOT swim in the ash dump,” Siberian Generating Company (SGK), which runs the coal plant, wrote on the Russian social network VKontakt.

“The water is highly alkaline, this is because calcium salts and other metal oxides are dissolved in it. Skin contact with such water may cause an allergic reaction!”

It’s reported that if you do go into the water it can be easy to get stuck to the bottom, which is pretty scary.


They released this statement in June but it hasn’t stopped people from flocking to the toxic dump.

Not sure a few Instagram likes are worth risking your life.


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