Joanne Larby Just Posted The Most Body Postive Instagram Pic

We think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Here at Stellar, we’re kind of over perfectly filtered and posed Instagram posts. They don’t represent real life and often can make us feel a bit crap about ourselves.

So scrolling our Insta feed this morning we spotted Joanne Larby’s latest inspirational post.

The influencer, who has been vocal about her own struggles to be body positive shared a revealing picture of herself completely in the nude. Sitting on the floor, and not trying to contort her body into what we usually would see as a ‘flattering’ angle, instead she is totally natural and unfiltered.

It’s so refreshing and joyful to see someone share their body with pride and not feel compelled to edit, pose or filter before uploading.

A shared journey + a whole new sense of community #comingsoon #theothersideofperfect #chapter2

The caption refers to season two of her podcast, The Other Side of Perfect, which takes a ‘filter free’ look at social media and covers everything from entrepreneurship, body image and relationships.

All the comments beneath are uplifting and positive, with many saying the post is real, relatable and above all beautiful.

In another recent Instagram post she talked more about the types of posts she shares now;

The more I started to share the raw, real version of myself, a girl who can also (occasionally) be polished to perfection (on a very good day with very good lighting), the deeper the connection I built with real people off and online. A sense of community.

We applaud her bravery at posting something so raw, and we think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Lets all try to be a little more Joanne this January.