Dublin’s Café En Seine Celebrates Its 30th Birthday In Style

Café en scenes, more like.

Glenda Gilson

Dublin’s Café en Seine is one of the most iconic spots in the city.

So it was no surprise that well-known faces congregated in the hot spot to celebrate its 30th birthday during the week.

The likes of Laura Nolan, Matthew MacNabb and Glenda Gilson were all in attendance on the night.

You can make your reservations for Café en Seine here, if you’re any way that inclined. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the pics from the night.

Ian Madigan and his wife Anna

Jay Kavanagh

Damien Broderick

James Doyle

Eric Roberts

David Healy and Russell Casey

Fionnuala Jay and Padraig Wilson McCarthy

Holly Roche

Ali Byrne

Ayo Fierce

Zoe Coady

Zoe Coady, Ayo Fierce, Ali Byrne and Holly Roche

Glenda Gilson

Deirdre Fitzgerald and Noelle McCrory

Lily Spence ,Sainesh Naidoo , Elaine Brady and Cora Joyce

Lily Spence and Elaine Brady

Niall O Dwyer and Chris O Dwyer

Emma Power and Itchey Drew

Darrah Heaney and Cathal Heaney

Glenda Gilson and Clyde Carroll

Stephanie Power and Louise Morrison

Anthony Nolan and Sara Abdulnagid

Clodagh Henderson

Maisie Jane Lunson

Michaela Maher

Chef Adrian Martin

Laura Sherry and Roisin McKeown

Clara Jordan and Imelda Scally

Danielle Leece and Sam Mullen

Zoe Hargan amd Danielle Borchwick

Gerry Farrell ,Natalia Araujo and Clyde Carroll

Benny Dunne and Shane Davey

Nicola Kelly and Robbie Kelly

Orla Hopkins

Sheila Fearon and Leanne O Rourke

Mark Rogers and Paul Kinsella

Matthew Smith and Annie Dempsey

Paul Kinsella

Mark Rogers

Ben Russell and Amanda Jackson

Corina Gaffey, Sinead Corcoran and Anna Kirwan

James Patrice Butler

Emma Power

Laura Nolan

Matthew MacNabb

Laura Nolan and Matthew MacNabb

Ciara Glynn

Carol Byrne

Glenda Gilson

Maeve Madden

Glenda Gilson

Photos by Brian McEvoy