3 Amazing Original Plays On In Dublin This Week

Cocktails + the theatre = date night sorted!

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If you’re looking to inject a little culture into your date night this week, why not try a trip to the theatre?

We love a good play, and we especially love to see Irish people smashing it in the cultural sphere. We’ve rounded up three original Irish plays on this week in Dublin that we’re sure you’ll love. We’re thinking grab your bestie or your partner, head out to dinner, enjoy the show, and then throw in a few cocktails after to discuss. Dreamy!



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Starring Rose Henderson (who Father Ted and Fair City fans will recognise!), this beautifully written and salaciously told story will have you hanging on to every word. Main character Angie reflects on a year without her lover, watching from a distance in the grave yard as his wife and friends mourn. She ponders her place in his life as the other woman…the bit on the side…the “green bean” to his main. Gas!  This compelling psychological drama is biting and heartbreaking, but peppered with hilarious quips that will have you laughing out loud the whole way through. It’s emotional, visceral and genuinely funny. Plus, it’s totally female-led, written by Helen Casey and directed by Caroline Fitzgerald. What more could you want?

Vixen is on now in The New Theatre until Saturday 1st July. Buy tickets here!



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Another female-led production, this fun, punchy and gorgeous play is ideal for a night out with the girls. Written by Rosa Bowden and directed by Hildegard Ryan, it follows Niamh O’Reilly who is still a ‘fridget’ at 14 – she’s never been kissed. Dun dun dun!  When it comes to the local teenage disco, her friends are on a mission to make the first smooch happen (whether Niamh wants it to or not). This piece will catapult you back to your teen years and have the nostalgia coming in waves. Set in Dublin in 2007, it’ll take you on a journey through the “innocence and discovery and fun – and mortification and terror” of Irish adolescence. If you’re looking for a comedy about frenemies, first times and figuring it out, this is the one for you.

Frigid is on at The Civic Theatre until Saturday 1st July. Buy tickets here!

Down By The River Sáile 

Based on a true story, this Irish play is a harrowing and scandalous play about Florrie Kavanagh, the Derry woman who gave up her baby to Hollywood star Jane Russell in the 50s. At the time, the event caused uproar and moral outrage…and then Florrie was brutally murdered in the 80s. This fascinating and heart-wrenching story deals with a heavy subject but is brought to life with humour and brilliant storytelling. It will take you all the way from small town life in Derry, to dancehalls in London, to the Golden Age in Hollywood. Written and directed by Ronan Carr, be ready for a show that will bring Florrie’s story to life in an unforgettable way.

Down By The River Sáile is on until Saturday 1st July. Buy your tickets here!