48 Hours In Dubrovnik – Where To Eat, Drink, & Stay

I got a lot in, tbf

If you’re anything like me, you’ll like going to new places.

Hitting up the same spot every summer is simply not my vibe. I like to check out new cities, travel to new countries, and wander around places that I’ve never been before.

Dubrovnik has been on my list for a long time. The history, the culture, the sheer impressiveness of the walled city which these days is probably best known thanks to Game of Thrones.

This month, myself and a pal headed off on a brief trip to the Croatian city to get some sun, do some exploring, and bask in the glow of a European city that wasn’t still entirely grey in April (Dublin, I’m looking at you).

Here are some of my recs for 48 hours in Dubrovnik.

Where To Eat

I ate in plenty of places in Dubrovnik. Eating is my favourite thing, so I like to do a lot of it.

A few places stood out – the first is Restaurant and Bar Rudjer. Eager for a delicious and chill breakfast, we stumbled upon this place while wandering around the Old Town. We dined in a gorgeous courtyard on pastries, eggs, and some unreal freshly squeezed orange juice. Gorge.

Next is Segreto Pasta and Grill. Dubrovnik has a thing for truffles… and so do I. Get the mushroom and truffle rigatoni and prepared to be enthralled. Honestly.

Last is Rajski Vrt on Lokrum Island. This was one of the only spots available for lunch during a trip to the island, so my hopes weren’t all that high here. Alas, they should have been, because I got a pizza with prawns, mussels, and octopus (yes, I know), and it was as close to a religious experience as I’ve come in a long time.

Where To Drink

The Bar was recommended to me for a tasty cocktail in the middle of the Old Town, and a tasty cocktail I did indeed have.

The prices here are similar enough to Dublin, but the menu is extensive so if you’re looking for something a little different, you’re sure to find it here.

On our last evening, we had a pina colada in Konoba bar on the Cavtat marina. It was half the price of what we’d paid in the first place, and definitely a town worth a visit if you’re looking for something a little cheaper – and just as tasty.

Where To Visit

The aforementioned Cavtat was beautiful (more on that below), but so was Lokrum Island.

If you only had 48 hours in Dubrovnik, you might think you won’t have time for a lil day trip. But, lads, you do. Lokrum Island is a 15 minute ferry ride from the Old Town, and it’s so, so worth a visit.

The island boasts an old monastery, a botanical garden, swimming spots, and even a few restaurants, so you can wander around at your leisure and take it all in. We spent about four hours here, lounging in the sun, enjoying the views, and even spotting a few local peacocks and tortoises. Class.

Where To Stay

We made two bookings for accomodation in Dubrovnik – one in a little serviced apartment a short walk outside of the Old Town, and another in a hotel close to the airport as our flight was super early the next day.

Our apartment, Villa Aura, was around 20 minutes from the Old Town and was honestly the perfect little space for the two nights we’d be spending there. Our host was extremely welcoming, gave us some recommendations while we got our bearings, and was generally just super nice and helpful. The apartment also boasts a balcony, as well as a private swimming pool and jacuzzi, which were unfortunately out of use during the off season, but sure look.

In a generally expensive city, the apartment was also extremely reasonably priced at €160 for two nights. As was our airport hotel, the newly opened Hotel Cavtat. Nestled up in the hills a 20 minute drive from the Old Town, this accomodation had a rooftop swimming pool (that was open!), a couple of restaurants, and modern rooms.

Cavtat itself is a gorgeous little town located on a quiet marina.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city – and with significantly cheaper food and drink options – it’d be the ideal spot for a week away in the sun, where all you wanted to do was eat, drink, and work on your tan. Bliss.