TikTok Packing Hacks You Need To Try Before Your Next Trip

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Whether you are heading somewhere for a long weekend or taking a well-needed extended break the one thing that causes stress before we head on our hols is packing.

Any tips to make this job a little easier are always welcome, with this in mind, we have gathered a few of TikTok’s best tips for traveling so that we can have a smooth preparation period and head on our way in peace this summer.

Travel compression cubes

Compression cubes will make your packing life so much easier! When only bringing 10kg we sometimes find it hard to pack everything we need. It is always a tedious job, especially if you don’t know how much clothes you should bring.

These cubes help to lay out your case and help you fit more in, whilst keeping them organised so you know what is where when you open the case at your destination. As @findingfiona says in her TikTok, everything has a place and a space. Once you try these, you won’t go back.


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In @findingfiona’s packing video she also mentions using the Apple Airtag to track your case, this a hack we have seen become popular in the last few years and it makes a lot of sense. The last thing you want is a missing bag, although Imagine turning your tracker on when you get on the plane and the bag is not underneath… That wouldn’t be an ideal plane ride.

If you are heading to a summer wedding or have valuable items in your case, this is a must-have, so if anything should go astray you can get it asap.

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Another handy tech product to have when travelling is a portable charger. If you are on a short flight there might not be sockets on board to charge your phone, so pick up a portable charger before you head away, you’ll thank us later.

Comfy travelling

We all know that heading to the sun is the best feeling ever, but the return home is always a risk with the weather.

Make sure to prepare yourself for the cold breeze on arrival home. When going on holidays always wear your comfy clothes, whether it’s a tracksuit or linen pants just make sure you’ve something cosy packed if needed. @sistersguidetostyle tells us to use outfits we plan on wearing on the trip and mix-and-match them to make an airport outfit. This saves space and prevents bringing more than we need, genius!


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Rolling your clothes

Is there any other way to pack? Instead of regular folding and stacking your clothes, you should try rolling them and slotting them in. This will reduce creases and help you fit nearly twice as many clothes in your case. We all love to travel smartly, and this is definitely a tip to consider.

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This one video from @efultimatebreak has some amazing tips so we had to share them all with you!

Jewellery hack

When travelling with jewellery, it can often get tangled up. I have always used pouches to carry my necklaces and bracelets, but after watching @efultimatebreak on TikTok I have changed my mind! In the video, the girl is using straws to keep her necklaces separated. How didn’t we think of this before?! You can then pack all of your jewellery in a clear pouch or an old makeup bag so you know what you’re reaching for when it’s time for dinner.

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Shower caps for shoes

I know this might sound crazy, but shower caps are a must for dirty runners especially when travelling. If you are backpacking or Interrailing this summer you will definitely need a few! @handsonfamily shows us here too, and it’s a game-changer.

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