People Are Addicted To Watching This Woman Clean Her House On Instagram

What... what is going on.

There really is a community for everyone on the internet. You’ve got the beauty obsessives, the various TV fandoms, the pop star stans, and now… the cleaning nerds.

Over the past few weeks, the Instagram account @mrshinchhome_x_ has racked up 300,000 followers as people flock to watch a British woman clean her beautiful, perfectly organised home.

Yesterday, for example, Mrs Hinch disinfected her bin while listening to Drake and Dua Lipa, dusted the stairs with the help of a feather duster she calls ‘Dave’ (she names all of her cleaning products, which she says are her ‘babies’), and did a nightly routine she and her followers affectionately name ‘putting the sink to bed’ (doing all the washing up, cleaning the sink, and stacking all the cloths).

Mrs Hinch chats easily to the camera just like she would to a friend, shares actually useful tips for things like keeping bins from getting smelly, and acknowledges how ridiculous she can be when it comes to her love of cleaning.

Her ‘Hinch Army’ hang on to her every word – when she expressed a preference for a particular brand of cleaning cloth, they completely sold out. Mrs Hinch is the Kylie Jenner of cleaning products, basically, and people can’t get enough of her.

So who is the woman behind the account? Well, her name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, she’s 28 and lives in Essex – according to an interview she did with The Sun, cleaning helps her deal with her anxiety.

She created the account to keep all her “boring” cleaning chat off her personal page, but ended up attracting a raft of fellow clean freaks:

I’ve always been a worrier. But whenever I felt like I might have a panic attack, I would then get up and grab a cloth or a mop or a hoover and just start going. I have created a wardrobe in my garage [called ‘Narnia’] for cleaning products to go into because they were taking up too much.

“Before you know it, everyone is showing me their ‘Narnias’ every single day and are so excited to have things looking clean and organised,” she says.

Of course, like everything, there has been a Mrs Hinch backlash. Some people have a problem with the amount of chemicals and plastic used to keep her home squeaky clean, while others just do not get why you’d want to watch a woman polishing her sink every night.

But really, there’s something kind of pure about the satisfaction and enjoyment her followers are getting from seeing her mist her couch with fabric softener every day… and maybe that’s something we could all do with right now. Keep on ‘Hinching’, Mrs Hinch.


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