Pink KitKats Are Now Available In Ireland, So You Can Officially Have All-Pink Everything

It's a KitKat, but PINK.

Pink (or more specifically, the shade that has come to be known as ‘millennial pink‘) has to be the colour of the decade.

Name a product, and it probably comes in pink – there are pink gins, pink donuts, pink rosé-flavoured gummy bears, pink coffee drinks… and now, there are pink KitKats.

Ruby KitKats have been available in Japan and South Korea for a little while now, and the bigwigs at Nestlé have decided it’s time for them to come to Ireland.

But what makes them pink? Well, the bar is coated with a special type of chocolate called Ruby, which is actually the fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk, and white. Bet you didn’t know that.

Ruby chocolate tastes like berries and has a cute pink hue, without the addition of any flavourings or colour. So a bit different from your regular KitKat, but definitely worth a go, no? Even just for the ‘gram.

Ruby KitKats are exclusively available at Tesco from today – sure you’ll have to get one to eat with your pink gin.


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