Pre-Drinks At Yours This Weekend? We’ve Found The Ultimate Girly Cocktail You Can Make At Home

Forget the home measure G&Ts, treat your gal pals with this bespoke STELLAR Shine Awards cocktail.

Farrier and Draper STELLAR Cocktail

It’s FRIYAY gal pal, and that can only mean one thing. You’re rounding up your girlfriends, packing them into your tiny apartment and having a good old session ahead of a night on the town.

If you’re fancy you might even lay out a cheese board, BUT if you’re really making the effort then you’ll rustle up some cocktails, and we’ve just got just the recipe, lady.

Ahead of the STELLAR Shine Awards (taking place November 16th, bbz) we sought the help of the mixologists at our venue for the night Farrier and Draper.

And oh boy did they deliver, making us up a bespoke cocktail so yummy we could almost drink it all night… if it wasn’t for the two shots of alcohol in each glass.

The best bit is, that once you’ve stocked up on all the ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up an impromptu tipple or two anytime you’ve got pals round.

STELLAR Shine Awards Cocktail

Wanna make them up?

Here’s what you’ll need:

50ml Hendricks Gin
7.5ml Liqueur a la violette
20ml Passion Fruit Syrup
20ml Lime Juice
20ml Elderflower Liqueur
Vanilla and Chilli tincture (optional)
Egg Whites and Golden Apple Juice

Now all you gotta do is shake, shake, shake and enjoy!


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