Sober Lane In Sandymount Is Probably STELLAR’s New Favourite Bar

Looking for a weekend desto for that treat feast you've been promising yourself all week? We checked out Sober Lane and we reckon it's just the place.

Last week team STELLAR headed from Smithfield to Sandymount on a fact-finding mission. Our remit? To check out the recently-opened Dublin branch of Cork’s famous Sober Lane, and see what all the fuss is about. Most importantly, we wanted to see if we could recommend it to you guys, who we know are a) fond of a trip out and about of a weekend and b) like that pub visit to be worth it.

The menu is perfect for soaking up whatever you’re drinking.

So, is Sober Lane worth your while? Hell, yeah: if you’re southside around Grand Canal Dock, Irishtown, Ringsend, Landsdowne or Sandymount, it’s a neighbourhood bar, but if you’re northside or city centre, it’s a bit of a trek. We’d still say it’s worth investigating: there’s tons of well-designed space – overseen by Muppet pals Waldorf and Statler – and the menu is perfect for soaking up whatever you’re drinking (we were on wine and beer).

Instead of ordering separate plates, we got a bunch of stuff to share among nine of us, which is always fun and encourages talk and “Oi, you, stop nicking my pizza!” Speaking of which, we had two – the special, a ham, pepperoni and chili affair and a veggie option with a haa-uge piece of goats cheese in the centre, perfect for portioning.

Add nachos, sweet potato wedges, skinny fries, chicken goujons, garlic bread, wings and more and we had enough food to feed an army. Or, er, the STELLAR team. #morto

Prices are good as well: pizzas will set you back about €12, a burger €12, sweet potato wedges €3.50 – and here’s the deadly news: they do brunch.

Yup, brunch. Our #HolyGrail meal. Guess that means we’ll be back, huh?