Cute Date Night Ideas To Get Extra Snug This Autumn

Make some memories on a shoe-string budget

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As the temperature drops, and all the excitement of a summer fling begins to fade to questions of ‘what are we?’, it may be time to start thinking of some cosy date night ideas to really solidify that connection you’ve been working so hard on all summer.

Whether you’re looking forward to a cosy season with a new flame, or going into your 10th with the person you’ve been with for best part of a decade, date nights should be a part of your relationship.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to lean into that snug romantic vibe with your partner, and if you’re looking to get started here are some date ideas to spark some inspiration in your love life.

A Fail-Safe Movie Night 

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And we don’t mean Netflix & Chill, we mean, an actual movie night. Make a list of some of the movies you want to work your way through, bonus points if there’s a theme. Buy in your favoutite sweet treats, cook up a quick meal or order take away, set up a cosy spot in your living room or bedroom and get cosy. Honestly, is there anything better this time of year?

Pumpkin Spice Latte And A Stroll

Figuring out your love life isn’t always a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk in the park. We’re keen to figure out ways we can have dates that won’t break the bank, and given the climate, we’re in, a walk in a park of your choice is perfect. Grab a coffee or hot chocolate to go, and venture out into nature to crunch the freshly fallen leaves and have a chat with your partner while you’re at it.

Game Night With Friends

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Invite your friends and their partners over for a game night. You’re socilaising not just with your partner, but your friends too. Ask everyone to bring their favourite board or card game and get to work. Just don’t hold us responsible if WW3 breaks out.

Cook Something

Let’s face it, Autumn in Ireland is definitely not always the best time for outdoor dates. So, why not try a cooking date night? where you each make your favourite meals. It could be something as easy as pizza (with pre-made bases) or you could really put your culinary skills to the test and make your own pasta and sauce… from scratch. If it all goes to bits, JustEat is always there too.

Get Creative With A Paint Date

person dipping paintbrush on paint

Try out the latest couples TikTok trend by gathering some paint supplies, and 2 canvases. Swap the canvases every ten minutes until you’re happy with your creations. Whether you’re artistically inclined or not, it doesn’t matter much, as it’s all about the memories you create etc etc.

Will you be trying any of these date night ideas with your S.O?

Written by Rebekah O’Reilly

Images via Unsplash