The STELLAR X Centra Wines We Love Club: Get The Right Bottle of White

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This month we’re talking white wine, whether it’s staying in your comfort zone or wanting to try something new, Centra has you covered with their Wines We Love line up. They’ve taken all the guesswork out of reading wine labels and curated a range to suit everyone’s tastes including four delicious white wines all for just €10 or under. 

A New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has become everyone’s easy drinking favourite in recent years and 3 Little Words really hits the spot. Fresh, crisp and totally mouth watering, this Sauvignon Blanc is great with seafood, salads, hard cheese and white meat. That’s not to say it isn’t great alone, or with some salty snacks. If you’re looking for a crowd pleaser for a night in with a few nibbles, pick up a bottle of 3 Little Words in your local Centra, your friends will love you for it. 

If you’re a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, but are keen to expand your wine knowledge and taste something a little different, try it as part of a blend. Of Course Sauvignon Viognier is a really interesting wine and great value at only €9. Viognier adds more body to the mix and gives a really lovely smooth texture on the palate. Blended with Sauvignon Blanc’s high acidity, it’s a match made in wine heaven.

The Centra Wines We Love range

If Chardonnay hasn’t made its way back into your wine vocabulary, then now is the time. The Vega Roja Chardonnay is fresh and zesty, full of citrus with great depth. I always pick up a bottle or two to pair with a roast chicken Sunday lunch, plus it’s a steal at just €8.

Rounding off Centra’s Wines We Love white offering is the Rock & Roots Organic Verdejo Sauvignon, €9. The blend is refreshing, light and crisp with subtle tropical fruit aromas and a soft texture. This wine is lovely with vegetarian options like falafel, hummus and other Middle Eastern food. It’s also delicious with sushi! Learn more about organic wines below.

It’s worth noting that most white wine lovers will love Chic Pépée rosé too, its crisp dry character is every bit as refreshing as most whites. Subtle hints of fresh red fruits and delicate notes of floral flavours like violet and rose give this wine a really intriguing edge.

Now, who wants to sign a petition to get the white wine emoji we all deserve?

White wine dos and don’ts

  • Do chill your white wine, but don’t serve it too cold. Our fridges are around 4c, but most white wines should be served around 7-12 degrees. Much like fruit, it’s harder to taste the flavours when wine is very cold, allow a few minutes in the glass before serving.
  • Do try white wine with red meat, it’s all about enjoyment – the choice is yours
  • Don’t keep an open bottle for too long, even in the fridge – after around five days the freshness will be lost
  • Don’t store wine in the fridge for long periods, only chill when you need
  • Do store wine at a cool constant temperature and away from bright lights
  • Do serve your wine in a big glass to allow space to swirl, go on and grab your red glasses!
  • Don’t overfill your glass, it’ll be warm by the time you reach the end
  • Don’t leave ice cubes in your wine, it’ll dilute the flavours – but do swirl one big ice cube in your wine for a few seconds if you need to bring the temperature down and then fish it out with a spoon

Why choose organic wine?

Wines that are certified organic, like the Rock & Roots brand from Centra’s Wines We Love range, are produced using organically grown grapes. The plants aren’t sprayed with artificial chemicals, meaning they’re more natural and sustainable. In order to get this certification, the vineyard has to go through rigorous testing and the process takes three years to ensure the ground is free from anything non-organic. Since there’s no run off from synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, there’s also less pollution, meaning this method of farming is more sustainable.

Organic wines also have fewer sulphites, the preservative found in nearly all wines. This doesn’t mean you can avoid a hangover though, that’s down to the alcohol and how much you consume, so drink responsibly.

The Wines We Love range is available at Centra stores nationwide while stocks last. For more info, head to


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