Tired Of Feeling Tired? Here Are Four Simple Ways You Can Stay Energised Throughout The Day

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Whether it’s a particularly busy week, your time of the month, or just the afternoon slump at work, tiredness and fatigue can make it impossible to live your best life.

What exactly can affect your energy levels? Well, according to Cleanmarine nutritionist Sarah Brereton, everything from stress to hormones to eating too much sugar will leave you feeling tired out.

But what can you do to help yourself? Here are Sarah’s top tips for maintaining your energy levels.

Sarah Brereton

Try not to wait too long in between meals

We’ve all fallen into the trap of skipping breakfast and letting our rumbling bellies dictate what we choose for lunch – and those rumbling bellies may not always make the best decisions. “You might crave those readily available, sugary snacks, which just starts a vicious circle – you have them, don’t feel very full for long, so you crave them again,” says Sarah.

She recommends eating small, nutritious meals every three to four hours to keep your energy levels ticking over throughout the day. “The longer the gaps between meals, the more likely you are to eat too much or choose the wrong type of food,” she says.

Plan your meals and choose healthy snacks

Any member of the #fitfam knows that preparation is key. Plan out your meals for the week on a Sunday, and try to bring in lunch to work with you when you can.

Sarah stresses the importance of doing the Big Shop with actual meals in mind: “Don’t go to the supermarket and randomly buy things, whether you’re hungry or not. You can come out with all these healthy foods and great ideas, but not be able to make a meal, so have a rough plan.”

Pick brown rice and bread over white when possible – the B-vitamins and fibre will keep you energised throughout the day – and stock up on mixed nuts, hummus, carrot sticks, and almond butter (dip your fruit into it, it’s delish). These are great snacks to have on the go, giving you all the nutrients and vitamins you’ll need to avoid the slump.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

“But coffee wakes me up!” we hear you cry. Like sugar, caffeine is only giving you that false burst of energy and leaving you dehydrated. The same goes for alcohol, so get that water into you.

Try a supplement like Cleanmarine For Women

Our busy lifestyles, diet, stress and sleep can all affect our hormone health. In that case, you might consider a supplement like Cleanmarine For Women, which contains vitamin B1 which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, vitamin B2 which supports a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and B6 which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity. “Helping you be your best self all month long,” says Sarah. Sorted!

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