We Know Christmas Is A While Away… But This Deal For A Dream Trip To Lapland Is Too Good

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A holiday in Lapland is truly magical and one to treasure forever. From the moment you arrive in the snow clad magical world of Lapland your time is filled with things that dreams are made of. Most importantly the chance to visit Santa. Lapland is a destination of endless choice when it comes to activities. Here are just some of the adventures included in our Sunway Lapland Trips.

Prices for a one night stay start from €979 per adult and €849 per child and include flights, 20kg bag, accommodation, food, arctic clothing and all activities – two nights start from €1219, and three nights from €1449.

Elf Workshop

Just a few lucky children are invited to Lapland’s secret Elf Workshop. Sharing top secret information on just how they manage to make all those gifts, you will get a glimpse of all the Elves hard at work in the run up to Christmas Day. Here you will learn the tricks of the trade and get to decorate your own gingerbread cookies.

Lapland Tobogganing 

Tobogganing is just one of the fun snowy pursuits you can enjoy on our trips to Lapland. Swoop through the slopes and hills on the toboggans and sleds available for both adults and children. All resorts offer an excellent range of snow-covered slopes and runs.

You will also find a number of sleds around Santa’s Grotto and the Elf Workshop, where you can bound through flurries of powdery white while you wait to meet Father Christmas.

Santa’s Grotto

A visit to Santa’s Grotto forms an essential part of each and every one of our Lapland Holidays. Concealed in a secret location in the midst of the frosty forest, you will arrive into a world of delight, where children and parents alike will be awestruck by what hides within.

Home to Santa’s head office, where he spends his days checking his lists of who’s been naughty and nice, a trip to the Grotto is a once in a lifetime experience. He’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of this year’s boys and girls, and planning on spending some time with each family individually. He may even have a gift for the guests who have come so far to see him.

Lapland Snowmobiling

Powerful snowmobiles play a huge part in the Lapland way of life. Here you get the chance to try your hand at driving one yourself. Making your way through snowy crossings, they’re a breathtaking way to travel.

Husky And Reindeer Safaris

You will visit a reindeer farm, where if you’re lucky you might be able to spot Rudolph. Here everyone will enjoy a fun reindeer ride, upon completion your guide will issue you with your very own special reindeer licence. We will visit a husky farm, where you will learn about the life of the husky dog. We will get to enjoy a thrilling and speedy ride in sledges pulled by these arctic huskies. In the warmth of the Husky House you can enjoy a hot drink and biscuits.

A truly exhilarating way to explore the wilderness of Lapland, our trusty team of furry friends will make sure you’re well looked after during your stay.


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