What Takeaway Is Healthiest? We Found Out

You fancy takeout. Which one won't completely ruin your diet?


It’s Friday night. You’re getting hangry as hell and ordering takeaway is a dead cert. ‘Cept you totally don’t want to undo all your healthy eating efforts or counteract that brutal spinning class you did during the week, so which takeout should you choose for minimal damage?


Ordering curry? Most are made with clarified butter or cream which ramps up the calorie and sat-fat content. Plus, it can be super hard to resist scoffing samosas by the dozen. On the up side though, Indian food tends to be bulked up with veggies, pulses and lean cuts of meat that are super filling and relatively low in calories. Our advice? Choose Tandoori options, which are oven-baked and far less fatty. Pass on the naan if carbs are off the menu.


Fried rice is our guilty pleasure, but it’s not so good on our waistlines. A lot of Chinese food tends to be deep-fried (yep, even the veggies) and when combined with sweet, sugary sauces it racks up major calories. Oh, and FYI, those prawn crackers might feel as light as air, but in terms of nutrition, they most certainly aren’t. Damn. Avoid anything in batter and opt for a basic chicken or prawn ‘n’ ginger with spring onion in an oyster sauce. Opt for steamed rice, and don’t eat the whole carton.

Fish and Chips

Considering hitting up your local chipper? A fillet of fish has many health benefits, but the batter it’s coated in? Um, not so much.  That large portion of chips doesn’t fair too well either, as they’re usually covered in bloat-inducing salt and deep-fried in oil. Soz bbz, but if you’re really trying to be good, then the chipper is O.U.T.


A single slice of plain cheese pizza can have as many as 300 calories, and that’s before you add all those scrummy toppings. The combo of cheese and tomato sauce deliver a high calorie and sugar count. On the plus side? If you choose your toppings carefully, you’ll be eating from most of the main food groups and it’s not so bad if you share.

The Verdict

It’s all in what you order. Choosing a dahl or Tandoori dish from your local Indian is a much healthier alternative than ordering a calorific curry. As for pizza, a few swaps, like ordering veggies over fatty meats and choosing the thinnest crust, can make it a much healthier indulgence. Now, who wants to ring it in?