What Team STELLAR Are Loving This Week

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

And what better way to start the festive season than with a whole host of products, events, and experience Team STELLAR are loving this week?

From food to festivities, we’ve got everything you’ll want to try out this week as November comes to an end.

Jade H is loving… Little Pyg


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In the mood for a pizza in Dublin city centre? Fancy some delicious cocktails too? Also want the pizza to be Michelin guide? Of course you do, why not?

If the above sounds anything like what you’ve got in mind for a delectable evening in town, look no further than Powerscourt Townhouse’s Little Pyg. The restaurant has been serving up stunning ‘zas for a few years now and they’ve recently updated their menu to include a whole host of new Italian offerings including pizzas, desserts, pastas, and more (get the Spicy Little Pyg, it’s incredible).

Their ‘pygtail’ list has also had its own renaissance and still includes the iconic Pyg deal of 2 cocktails, now for €20.

Jade C is loving… Good gym gear

There’s nothing that quite gets you motivated to workout than a good set of gym gear. Especially on these cold dark evenings heading out to exercise after work isn’t exactly the first thing I want to be doing when I get home from a long day, but thanks to New Dimensions Active I tend to be buzzing to fit a workout in so I can wear a gorge set!

Even if I’m not feeling it that day, New Dimensions Active bits are so comfortable for lounging around in while also looking put together if you need to pop out to the shop, athleisure wear at its finest tbh.

Adele is loving… Rod Stewart

Now and always, I love Rod with (all of) my heart. I had the pleasure of seeing him in the flesh at the 3Arena last Friday, and he did not disappoint me. I’ve had the tickets for well over a year now, so I built it up in my head quite a bit but the show blew me away, he had five (5) costume changes, hit every high note, and even sang a rendition of Grace, leaving not a dry eye in the house. Almost a week later I’m still on a Rod high, so forgive me for fangirling.

If you listen to any Rod song today, let it be ‘The Killing Of Georgie’. The song was written and performed by Rod in 1976, about a friend of his who was unjustly killed in a homophobic attack. His delivery of the story is both beautiful and heartbreaking in equal measure, and for him to wear his allyship on his sleeve like that in the 70s is just one of the many reasons why I love and respect Rod.

Jade H is loving… HelloFresh


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Meal prep kits are all the rage these days. After all, in this incessant rat race we call life, who among truly has the time to plan, buy, and cook a different nutritious meal every night of the week?

Enter HelloFresh, the meal prep company that has just landed in Ireland for the first time – and it’s already off to a stellar start. The concept is easy: sign up, pick your favourite meals, and get the ingredients sent right to your door each week. No hassle.

This writer was lucky enough to try HelloFresh for a week and truly, it made my eating habits a whole lot easier. I opted for a delicious veggie tacos, butternut squash risotto, and a prawn curry, all of which arrived to my home at the beginning of the week ready to be cooked.

The instructions were simple and the produce was as fresh as it could’ve been, allowing me to whip up six portions of three different meals to do me for most of the week. And honestly, they probably could’ve done me for a lot longer, the portions were so generous.

If you fancy trying out HelloFresh yourself, make sure your opt for the tacos. They really were tasty.

Adele is loving… Barry’s Tea

Who doesn’t love a cuppa to keep them warm this time of year? I’m not a normal tea drinker, but instead more of a herbal gal. So, when I saw that iconic tea brand Barry’s has released herbal tea’s I was all over it. The flavours are great, ranging from a refreshing apple to warm and soothing ginger and lemon, but the real genius lies in the added nutrients.

The ‘Focus’ tea has added vitamin B6 to combat tiredness and fatigue, and the ‘Protect‘ tea has added vitamin C to support immune system function. I’m a firm believer in sneaking in vitamins and nutrients when and where you can, because realistically who has time for their 5-a-day every day, so this is a super handy way to give myself a boost while I sip away at my desk.

Jade H is loving… Christmas in the Courtyard

A glass mansion and a six course meal, you say? Sign me up. If you’re in Kilmainham or the surrounding area this festive season, you may want to check out Christmas in the Courtyard… and the stunning all-glass pavilion that’s being built there.

The grounds of Royal Hospital Kilmainham are playing host to a dazzling event which will see guests treated to a six course meal from Michelin starred chef Dani Barry, with wine pairings by expert sommelier Brigid O’Hora. Live acts such as The Victory Dolls, The Runaways and Springbreak will also be in attendance over the festive period. 

The experience runs until December 18 and you can nab yourself some tickets here. 

Jade H is loving… How To Tell a Secret

The incredible stories of those living with HIV in Ireland today, How To Tell A Secret is the new documentary from directors Anna Rodgers and Shaun Dunne.

Released in December to coincide with World AIDs Day, the film follows well known Irish figures such as Robbie Lawlor, Enda McGrattan (Veda), and many other artists and activists in a genre-bending piece boasting a powerful message.

How To Tell A Secret is landing in Irish cinemas on December 1. You can check out the trailer below:


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