Are You Storing Your Red Wine The Correct Way This Festive Season?

Some solid tips to follow - yes, we'll cheers to that!

We just cannot believe it’s that time of the year again.

In a year that has been the total opposite of normal, it’s hard to determine whether or not March feels like yesterday or three years ago?

That aside, we’re planning to make this festive period one that counts, celebrating in all the small ways that we can, and marking the season with as much normality as is safe to do so. From eating good food, to catching up with friends and loved ones either IRL or virtually, toasting with our favourite tipples and exchanging gifts, this festive season we’re celebrating the moments and if you’ve spent a lot of lockdown also eyeing up and nabbing good vino, we’ve found some excellent tips on making sure you’re storing it well too.

Firstly, location for storage is everything, according to The Dorchester’s sommelier Christopher Delalonde.

While speaking to Glamour, Christopher noted that a wine cellar or wine fridge at 12 degrees is the ideal climate for storing you red, but otherwise, it’s important to opt for a cool, dry space outside of the kitchen. Kitchens can be quite a hot environment with everyone cooking and so, Christopher suggested a bedroom wardrobe, or even a spare room if you have one free. A dark, dry space is key.

Another handy tip which we’re jotting down is to store your wine on its side, this stops the cork drying out and your wine spoiling, no thanks!

Then, when it comes to serving your red wine, Christopher also noted popping your vino into the fridge just before serving to bring down the temperature slightly, letting you enjoy the wine to “its fullest expression”; we’re also noting the fancy terminology to impress friends.

And lastly, a point that we certainly agree with, the sommelier added that if you’re buying a good bottle of wine and you don’t have a cellar or wine fridge, drink it within six months, because after all, wine is meant to be enjoyed. Too rightly so!

  • To recap.. store your wine in a cool, dry place – ideal temperature is 12 degrees.
  • Store your wine on its side to prevent it drying out.
  • Pop it into fridge before serving.
  • Drink your fancy wines!