These Are The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks In Dublin


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Celebs are going sober!

From Cara Delevigne to Anne Hathaway, sobriety has become a popular lifestyle for celebrities.

After recently celebrating a year of sobriety, Tom Holland has joined the long list of celebrities who have decided to ditch the drink and adopt an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Tom decided to go alcohol-free to help him work on his mental health. Other celebrities chose to take a break from alcohol for their physical health, to benefit their families, or because of troubles with addiction.

If you’re looking to follow suit and try out some sober socialising for yourself, we have the perfect places for you to try. Here is a list of the best places to get an alcohol-free drink in Dublin that is more than just a pint glass of blackcurrant.


This cosy low-light bar on Lower Stephen’s Street is perfect for a chill night out with friends. The pub is stocked up with both traditional and craft beers as well as non-alcoholic options. You can sit and enjoy a refreshing ‘No Worries’ 0% IPA while playing one of the retro board games stocked on the pub’s shelves.


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2) Stella Cocktail Club

This elegant 1920s space in Rathmines has a bespoke menu of signature cocktails with an entire section devoted to specialty mocktails and non-alcoholic drink options. They can also take requests to make any drink you would like. My personal favourite; ‘Honey I’m off the sauce.’


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3) Against the Grain

If you’re more of a beer girly then try out this newly renovated, beloved bar on Wexford Street which specialises in craft beers. This pub has a wide selection of drinks on tap including plenty of non-alcoholic options.


4) Lemon & Duke

If you are looking for a huge selection of mocktails, then make your way down to Duke Lane.

Lemon and Duke has a full list of signature non-alcoholic cocktails for you to choose from. The bar also stocks a variety of o% spirits, so if it’s a dry classic cocktail your looking for or even just a simple G&T, Lemon & Duke has the drink for you.


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This dog-friendly pub at Harold’s Cross has a reputation for catering to all customers.

Although their previous Sober Sundays event has been taken off the weekly agenda, the wide array of drinks options Sober Sunday brought with it are still on offer. From Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits to Findlater’s non-alcoholic wine, this spot makes sure your zero-zero options are just as good as any other drink.


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