7 Ways To Add Pistachio Into Your Weekly Treat Schedule

King of the nuts


We all deserve a treat – and sometimes, that treat must be pistachio based.

For years, the tasty green nut has been appearing in sweet treats and beyond, making generic food items that little bit less boring.

These days though, pistachio is truly having a moment. It’s everywhere. There’s even cafes dedicated to it. And rightly so.

To celebrate the pistachiaissance, we’ve put together a list of foods and drinks that taste even better with pistachio in them. Enjoy.

1. Ice cream


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A pistachio classic and a likely introduction for many children born in the 1990s in Ireland.

Pistachio ice cream still reigns supreme at gelato counters across the country. Gino’s have a particularly good one.

2. Pasta


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Hear us out! Grab some cream, grab some cheese, throw it all in a food processor with pistachios and garlic and herbs, and make yourself a delicious pistachio pasta sauce.

Next level.

3. Crepe

Not every day is Pancake Tuesday, but every day could be crepe day.

Elevate your crepe by grabbing yourself some pistachio spread (they sell it in Dunnes Stores! ) and slather a load of it in there, with some white chocolate buttons.

4. Iced latte


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The next time you’re making yourself a delicious iced coffee at home, throw some pistachios in there.

Add some pistachio spread to the glass edge before your ice, and sprinkle a few crushed nuts on top. Or pick one up from Cafe Nero next time you’re in.

5. Pizza


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If you haven’t tried pistachio on pizza, you have not been living.

Dublin bars Bonobo and Kodiak¬†do one with truffle oil. It’s next level.

6. Ciabatta sandwich

If you’ve not been to Amuri on Dublin’s Chatham street, you’re missing out.

Mainly because one of their decadent Italian sandwiches comes with pistachio cream sauce smeared on. Divine.

7. Martini

Creamy, nutty, alcoholic – is there any better combination?

Baileys have a delicious pistachio cocktail recipe here, if you’re so inclined.