Hungry? This Cafe Sells Harry Potter Doughnuts And They Look SO Good!

Would you eat these?

Ever be sitting at your desk and think, ‘I’d do anything for a butterbeer flavoured Harry Potter doughnut right now’? Yeah, us too. Well now we’re *finally* in luck.

Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee has created exactly that – and it looks delicious, TBH. They start with a classic ring doughnut, which is covered in white, butterbeer flavoured icing, with golden stars and sprinkles on top. In the centre, an icing-covered golden snitch sits waiting to take flight.

There’s just one tiny catch… They’re only available in the United States right now. Located across Virginia and Washington D.C., American muggles can indulge in the sugary, butterbeer goodness.

Are doughnuts a valid excuse to book a holiday? No? Petition for an Irish bakery to start making these STAT.

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