Mr Tayto’s First Ever Christmas Ad Is Here – & It’s Adorable

STELLAR PROMOTION: It wouldn't be Christmas without Tayto!

Who wears a red suit, is quite jolly, and ensures that you stay happy around the Christmas period?

No, not Santa Claus… Mr Tayto, of course!

The eponymous crisp-man is starring in his first ever festive advert, and we’re only delighted to see him getting into the Christmas spirit.

Tayto is a feature of every Irish Christmas. Whether you’re tucking into a bag on Christmas Eve, or making yourself a Tayto sandwich on St Stephen’s Day, the iconic crisp is sure to be ever present in your festive plans.

The new ad follows Santa Claus on Christmas Eve who, after returning to the North Pole, realises that there are no gifts under his own tree.

In the true Christmas spirit of generosity, Mr. Tayto leaves a very special gift for Santa to enjoy – reminding the viewer that everyone should get a gift this year. Just magical!

Mr. Tayto wanted to mark the brand’s almost 70th birthday with a special ad – one that people will see and get excited for Christmas, and in future will mark the start of the Christmas season.

The ad also includes the iconic Tayto Christmas box, a staple of Irish households at Christmas time. In fact, Tayto project sales of 1.2 million Christmas boxes this year. That’s a lot of Tayto!

You can check out the full ad below: