Tonnes Of Leftover Christmas Chocolate? Here’s What You Should Do With It

We will not allow the chocolate to defeat us

Chances are, you’re currently drowning in a sea of selection boxes, chocolate tins, and whatever else you’ve accumulated over the past week. Eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was great at first, but now it’s getting to the point that you can’t even look at the stuff, and are already planning your 5-a-day detox for next month.

However, you do have options when it comes to using up all your Christmas chocolate, other than lashing it down like the boy in Matilda or leaving it on the countertops until it goes off.

There are plenty of innovative ways you can meltdown, and repurpose your leftover treats, below you can find just a few worth bookmarking for later.

Hot Chocolate


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Maybe you’re sick of eating chocolate, but surely you’re not sick of drinking it? Why not whip yourself up some hot chocolate in the morning or evening with some of the extra chocolate lying around. Simply choose your favourite, break it into small amounts (or grate it for some real glamour) and melt it down with some hot milk.

Tip – If you’re feeling really cheeky, why not add in some alcohol too? Above you can find the recipe for our favourite festive hot drink, with a dash of Baileys in there for good measure.

Rocky Road 


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If you have leftover chocolate, chances are you have some leftover biscuits too. Luckily for you, these are the perfect ingredients for making a big batch of rocky road! For this recipe, all you’ll need to add is some butter, golden syrup, and marshmallows (optional). Simply melt down your chocolate, stir in all the ingredients, dish up however you please, pop it in the fridge to harden – and voila!

Tip – If you’re not feeling the rocky road right now, you can freeze it for now and defrost later in the month when you’re craving a sweet treat.



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The healthiest option of all, if you’re looking for some morning treats to start your day as the dark January mornings begin to creep in, then flapjacks are the perfect option for you. So go ahead and use your favourite flapjack recipe, and then simply take your leftover chocolate, melt them down, and drizzle it on top for a delicious and aesthetic topping.

Tip – Just like the rocky road, flapjacks can also be frozen and saved until needed. So, make some space in your freezer drawers – your future self will thank you.