3 Ideas For What To Feed People At A Party

Don't wanna just serve crisps? Dish out some of these instead.

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Your pals are popping over at the weekend and you don’t have a notion what to feed them. Here are a few tasty ideas.

1. Posh Nosh

Having a posh party? Serve up some yummy finger food. Canapes will go down a treat. Opt for a classic like Bruschetta, or a newbie like pulled pork. Not your thing? Spicy seared scallops are a tasty option and spring rolls are always a crowd pleaser.

2. Nibbles for the game

Reckon laying out the multi-pack of Tayto for your mates while they watch the match is the lazy option? Rustle up some homemade tortilla chips and salsa instead. Looking for a more colourful option? Give beet chips a go. They’re delish with hummus.

3. Booze-friendly treats

Mini bacon and cheese toasts are an excellent option because they’ll taste seriously nom when your guests are three drinks in.  Just be sure to make an extra batch because we reckon those babies will go fast!

Pic Credit: Pressloft