What’s The Opposite Of Pet Peeves? Pet Faves! Team STELLAR Share The Tiny Things That Bring Them Joy

It really is the little things.

In a world that so often focuses on the negatives, pet peeves, irritations and annoyances of everyday life (hiya, bus farts), we decided to instead shine a light on the tiny, seemingly insignificant things that bring happiness and positivity into our lives. The things that make us smile on the street, that give us the warm and fuzzies, and that make us feel safe and content. Behold ours, think of yours, and enjoy that nice feeling the next time someone pisses you off on Instagram or public transport!

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Did I mention that I live in New York now?

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Cara, Staff Writer

  • I like when my dog knocks on my door politely to come in
  • Ticking things off my to-do list
  • I DIE when an animal sighs, like what could you possibly be relieved from, little fluff?
  • When the woman in the Chinese takeaway knows what I’m ordering when I call
  • Filling in my eyebrows for the first time after getting them waxed
  • The feeling of a fresh beauty blender
  • When a WeTransfer file hasn’t been deleted a week after receiving the email
  • When someone plays with my hair
  • Watching people cut soap on Instagram ASMR accounts

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Vicki, Editor

  • Spotting glamorous women in their twilight years on the street – especially those rocking leopard print and lipstick
  • A passing dog on its lead that ‘smiles’ at you. Also, dogs in pubs
  • A spontaneous singalong where nobody gets shushed and everyone accidentally harmonises
  • Turning on the TV to find an episode of Law & Order I’ve never seen before – the DUN DUN is very satisfying
  • When somebody HOOTS with laughter over something so silly, you end up stage five-ing too
  • A visit from my favourite delivery man – hi, Keith!
  • Perfect poached eggs
  • Appropriate glassware – there’s nothing like an icy glass of Prosecco in a proper flute

Victoria, Deputy Editor

  • People watching on a busy street with a coffee
  • When my tech-illiterate mum sends me a WhatsApp – even when it’s not about anything particularly exciting
  • Going up home to see my cat, despite the fact I normally return to Dublin with scratches
  • Filling up all the spots on a loyalty card and getting something free
  • Seeing cute old couples who are clearly still madly in love. Literally makes me ache with joy
  • Eating Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream – it’s heaven in a tub!

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?? #pmvipstyleawards

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Megan, Staff Writer

  • When my cat purrs and massages me with her two front paws like cats do when they are relaxed and happy. I recently found out this kneading action is also known as ‘making biscuits’ so that makes it even cuter
  • When I’m doing my eyeliner and manage to get matching flicks on both eyes on the first go
  • An incredibly niche one that might make me sound crazy is when I see a truck without its trailer on so it’s just a big head with a tiny body – it makes it look like a baby truck looking for its mom and dad trucks. I always always giggle when I see it
  • Seeing a smiley face sticker, sign or graffiti when I’m having a meh day

Valerie, Online Editor

  • When pigeons do that little ‘hop’ off a curb. And when they run madly along in front of you. Don’t you know you have wings?!
  • Hearing my boyfriend’s key in the door, or coming in myself and hearing him shout down to greet me from wherever he is in the house
  • Matching my lipstick to an element of my outfit. Hello, I am a polished and elegant woman
  • Having the house to myself and singing my full repertoire of musical theatre classics
  • Seeing I’ve gotten my 10,000 steps in. It gives me a great sense of achievement, for some reason
  • And finally, because you have to have an animal-related one – when you pishwish a cat and it’s like OH HELLO FRIEND!

Katie, Designer

  • When I get all green circles on my Fitbit at the end of the day
  • When my cat is feeling sociable and I’m allowed five minutes to squish my face into her belly as a result
  • When someone flashes their headlights in a lil “I gotchu” moment when you thank them for letting you merge into a demon lane
  • I’m a sucker for community spirit and die when I see all the Tidy Towns folk out doing what they can to make our town nicer
  • Getting smugly back into bed after a Saturday morning park run with a big coffee and a good show

Elle, Contributor

  • The conversations tiny humans have with their parents on the Luas, like ‘How high is the moon?’
  • When you do something silly like trip over yourself in public and passersby catch your eye and you all share a giggle
  • When my parents do something cute like waltz around the kitchen and I walk in and I’m like, Oh LOVE
  • When you go do something like get your nails done or get a blow dry and end up having the best chats with your stylist or beauty therapist… like a mini-life vent with a perfect stranger that you may never see again but are bonded with for life

Niamh, Contributor

  • Dunking a bar of white chocolate with hazelnuts from Lidl into a cup of tea
  • Seeing a dog do a really over the top yawn
  • Putting on the Les Mis soundtrack when I’m getting ready for a night out
  • Seeing old people enjoy themselves. I get emotional
  • When I wake up after putting on fake tan the night before and I haven’t turned myself into a human Cheeto. Tiny victories
  • The moment that I think I’ve watched all the Queer Eye episodes in a series but THERE’S ONE MORE LEFT!

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