You Need To Use This TikTok Hack Next Time You’re Packing A Suitcase

Work smarter not harder girlies

Going on trips – whether they’re staycations or further afield are great, however, actually having to pack for them? Not so great.

We either bring too much or too little, and if you’re flying, well, that brings on a whole other load of stress.

But, we’ve just come across a TikTok that is a literal game-changer when it comes to packing up and flying off. Saving both space AND money on your next budget flight, TikTok user ‘kristenashleyblack” showed us how we can turn an old jumper into a neck pillow.

Placing the jumper on the ground, she then put the rest of her clothes on top, rolling everything up to create a DIY neck pillow. This instantly frees up space for toiletries in her carry-on bag.

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However, we’re going to take Kristen’s jumper hack and raise her one even better. Taking things to genius levels, TikTok user ‘nolimitua’ said that instead of bringing a pillow with her, she stuffs her own. Simply taking an old cushion case and filling it up with soft clothes, she brings her pillow on the plane for free, and people are seriously impressed.

“Okay but why didn’t I think of this before?” one user commented.

While another said, “I’m never going back to normal neck pillows again”.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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