11 Genius Apps Every Busy Gal Needs To Download Now

From extending your battery life to remembering to take your pill, these apps will help you ditch the head clutter and make more room for the fabulous things in your life. #Lifesavers.


1. Evernote

Evernote is great for syncing everything (think reading summaries, uni notes, and meetings) across devices, but it’s also an audio recorder. You can use it to record parts of a lecture or ideas, meaning you won’t need to keep all that info stuck inside your head. It’ll be right there in your phone instead.

2. Stylebook

Let’s be honest: us gals face the problem of deciding what to wear on the daily. Never mind the fact we have a wardrobe crammed full of clothes. But that’s where Stylebook comes to the rescue. This virtual closet helps you manage your fave outfits by suggesting style inspo according to your size. Simply take pics of your clobber and upload it, and you’re ready to rock.

3. Battery doctor

That damn battery icon always flashing red? This app will help you protect battery life and give you handy tips on how to keep it alive that little bit longer. It’s great for the busy gal who hasn’t had a chance to charge her phone throughout the day.

4. Shop savvy

5. Elements

Elements is a sleek text editor that makes note taking while on-the-go a cinch. No matter how busy our lives may be, we all have those “AH HA!” moments where we suddenly have the need to jot down our creative burst of inspiration before we lose it. With this handy app you deffo won’t be caught out anymore! #yay

7. AroundMe

AroundMe is an extremely helpful app for those of us who like to, er,  get around. It makes it easy to pull up info on local restaurants, petrol stations, and more. It’s a GPS, and map all in one –and will save you time and prevent you from driving in circles trying to find what you’re looking for. Sorted.

8. Mint.com personal finance

We know it’s easy to get carried away on nights out or at the sale rack but, this deadly app makes banking and budgeting easy, even for the likes of us. Track, budget, and manage your money all in one place. And better yet, it’s free!

9. IStudiez Pro

Feeling swamped? This app is a handy tool for organising your assignments while keeping track of your schedule. It can sync with your calendar, alert you when an assignment is almost due, and help you visualise your week—which is great, if like us, if you tend to over commit.

10. Fitocracy

Being super busy is no reason not to stay fit. This great app will motivate  you to succeed in your fitness goals, despite your hectic schedule. It allows you to track workouts, earn points, and unlock achievements. It’s like gaming and fitness in one, meaning getting fit feels like stacks more fun.

11. TripIt

Now that your finances and life are sort of under control, you may be able to afford going on a trip. Hooray! TripIt is the ultimate travel organiser. The best bit? You won’t need to enter a bunch of info, because this app works by reading emails that you have forwarded to its service and creating a personalised itinerary. That means, planning that girly break away just got a lot less stressful.