11 Ridiculously Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found The One

#3: You GENUINELY don't care that he sees you with no make-up on and Sudocrem all over your spots.

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Love isn’t all about flowers and swanky hotel breaks. Sometimes the most meaningful moments in a relationship can come from something entirely banal.

If you’ve found someone you trust, you’re attracted to, you can laugh with and you can be yourself around, we reckon you’re onto a pretty good thing, even if he’s not dropping €€€ on fancy jewellery ‘just because’ (though we wouldn’t say no to that either).

Here are just a few of the – totally, utterly unromantic – signs that you’ve found a keeper.

1. You two can have a gas day together doing the most boring stuff
Who knew a trip to Tesco could be so much craic?



2. You’re genuinely comfortable wearing skaggy PJs and a dressing gown in their company
They fancy you regardless.



3. And you’re not terrified at the thought of them seeing you without make-up
Or with a face covered in spot cream.



4. You’ve farted in front of your SO and they didn’t run a mile
In fact they seemed oddly proud…



5. Your nicknames for one another are far from affectionate
Less ‘boo-bear,’ more ‘MUTTONHEAD’



6. You two can have the best time on a night out with no-one else around
You know the saying, ‘the couple who does too many Jägerbombs together…’



7. You’re constantly taking the p*ss out of each other
But you wouldn’t have it any other way.



8. You can tell your SO when they’re being a complete A-hole and they’ll actually listen.
If no-one else is going to call them out on it, you can step up to the plate.



9. They know how to make tea exactly to your specifications
And they have some sort of sixth sense which lets them know when you really need a cuppa.



10. You spend most of your time laughing together about in-jokes that make literally no sense to others
‘Oh, I call him Doughnut Boy because I took a photo of him one day and his head looked EXACTLY like a doughnut, y’know?’



11. You’d much rather spend a day with your SO doing nothing than having a crazy exciting day with someone else
Because it’s just so, so easy to be around them.



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