3 Bad Habits Stopping You From Getting Over Your Ex

Still holding a candle for your ex fella? Ditching these three habits might help you get over him a little quicker.

bridget jones breakup

Facebooking him

Who’s that girl liking his pic? Why does he look so happy? He’s going clubbing again!? A recent study has confirmed what we already know: Facebook is bad for your breakup. The study found that those who had regular online ‘contact’ with an ex-partner experienced greater distress after a split, took longer to move on and had lower personal growth. Yikes! The folks who hit ‘unfriend’ on the other hand, adjusted to the breakup and moved on much faster. You know what to do.


You’re looking at the relationship with rose-tinted glasses, and that’s not a good thing. If you’re still frequenting all the places the two of you used to go together, flipping through old photos, or hanging out with all his friends, it might be time to see the relationship for what is was. Chances are if you split, there were a few problems that just couldn’t be fixed, and accepting that it wasn’t perfect will (hopefully) make you feel a little less gutted about it ending. Now, stop looking at those old selfies, y’hear!?

Moping about

There’s a grace period after a breakup where it’s totally okay to don your sweats, grab a tub of ice cream (or a bottle of wine) and not emerge from under the duvet for several hours. But, (and this is a big but) you need to come out of there sooner or later, and when you do it’s important that you spend time with your mates, try something new, or get a hobby. By all means, indulge in a little post-break-up misery, but once you get out of your sweats and start living again? Well ladypal, that’s when you’ll really move on.