3 Of Ireland’s Most Popular #FitFammers Tell Us How To Stay In Shape This Bank Holiday Weekend

Nervous about over indulging this weekend? We ask these gorgeous fitness experts how we can keep on track.

1.Maeve Madden


Maeve is one of our all-time favourite fitspirations, and what we love about her is that she doesn’t restrict herself. Just follow her on Snapchat (@maeve_madden) and you’ll see. Maeve is often out and about until the early hours and isn’t one to shy away from delicious treats either, so how does she do it? We caught up with her about how she stays on track.

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1.Grab a workout buddy and motivate each other. I have shared some amazing double workouts with my fellow celebrity personal trainer Bradley Simmonds on our Instagram pages. It’s so much fun to workout together and there’s no gym needed.

2.Drink plenty of water, staying hydrated will help curb those sugar cravings. When I spend days at home, I’m always snacking but drinking plenty of water and herbal teas can really help.

3.If you know you’re going out for a big session, prepare your hangover cure in advance. Filling the fridge with healthy clean alternatives for your hangover can kick-start you back on track. A banana and almond milk smoothie with eggs, avocado and sweet potato is definitely one of my favourite morning cures.

4.Staying active is always the most important for me. It doesn’t have to be an insane gym session, but taking 45 minutes out of your day to physically boost your body is nothing. Grab a skipping rope, go for a walk, try some body-weight exercises. When you think about it, 45 minutes is literally a single Episode on TV.

5.Alcohol is empty calories. I’m not saying don’t drink, I really enjoy a good cocktail, but you can have lighter options. Add soda water instead of high-sugar fizzy drinks or juices, cut out cider and beer and drink a glass of water with each drink too.

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2.Annie Kirwin

Pilates superstar Annie is the epitome of clean and healthy living, but don’t be fooled into thinking her recipes are lacking in the taste department! Her Instagram is overflowing with the most gorgeous recipes and photos of the lovely things that she bakes. It’s also packed full of inspiring motivational tips and advice.  Here, Annie fills us in on how she keeps up the clean living over BH weekends.

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1.I know it’s pretty obvious but we should still adhere to our daily two litres of water quota. Guzzling on water, especially after enjoying a few drinks the night before will help you feel instantly healthier. Carry a big refillable bottle to keep you on track and jazz it up by adding some fresh cucumber, lime and mint.

2.Even with the best intentions in the world, our gym routine can go out the window over the bank holiday. Make the most of your time off by planning a hike or coastal walk with some friends. You’ll get a great catch up, fresh air and a workout all in one.

3.Sustainable health is all about balance and I’m a big believer in treating yourself, especially if you’ve been working hard on being healthy. A little indulgence here and there does no harm and in the long run helps to keep us on track. Don’t settle for any old treat though, try to avoid over processed food and choose fresh and home cooked options. These will curb your cravings while still being healthy.

4.The bank holiday is the perfect time to catch up on some well needed sleep. So turn off your alarm for at least one of the mornings and let your body get back into sync. You’ll wake up feeling de-stressed and refreshed.

5.There’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down and enjoying a few drinks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay somewhat healthy. Keep heavy drinks like beer and wines to a minimum and mix your vodka/gin with soda water and lime. Drinking in moderation is probably the best advice here, enjoy a few drinks without losing the run of yourself completely.

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3.Stephanie O’Quigley


Stephanie’s weight loss journey is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen, all of which she logs about on snappedup.ie. You wouldn’t think it now but a few years ago, she was actually five stone heavier. Stephanie says it’s all because of running that she shed the pounds and she’s very open about her lifestyle, diet and fitness regime. For this feature, Stephanie opened up about how we can stay on the wagon over the weekend to come.

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1.Plan ahead and acknowledge the fact that you’re having a cheat meal. A meal that isn’t necessarily good for your body, but is good for your mind. Plan it and enjoy every last bite. Knowing you have something to look forward to will keep you motivated and feeling less deprived, but remember, it should be a cheat meal and not a cheat weekend.

2.By depriving yourself during the week, you’ll make your mind go into compulsion mode when it comes to actually ‘allowing’ yourself to have a proper meal.  When we restrict, we are often likely to crave the ‘restricted’ food more, rather than allowing ourselves to have a little bit here and there along the way. Maintaining a balance is a lot easier on the mind and a lot less harmful on the body.

3.The best thing to do is to avoid planning your weekend around food. Sunday roasts, brunches, afternoon tea, Friday night takeaway, Saturday morning fry-ups, sound familiar? Think of activities outside of food to keep your attention where it should be, you’ll be less likely to struggle with overeating on these occasions.

4.Baking healthy treats is a great way to deter yourself from eating actual junk food. I always whisk up my healthy coconut bon bon’s or flapjacks to have with a cup of tea if I feel like something nice. Although these are still calories that need to be counted for, they’re a better alternative to the nasty stuff and you’re getting a nutritional feed while you’re at it too.

5.Use your time at the weekend for going to the gym rather than trying to cram it all in during the week. You’ll feel more ‘healthy’ and less likely to reach for the Mars bar if you’re working out. If you’ve managed to get all your training done mid-week, getting out for a brisk walk won’t hurt on your rest days, and it’ll keep you fresh and occupied – not thinking about food!

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