4 Signs He’s About To Put A Ring On It, Like, Now

Reckon your boyfriend might be about to propose? Here's how to find out.

lady gaga engagement ring

So, obviously we don’t wanna ruin the big surprise or anything, but if you’re thinking about settling down, and putting a big old ring on your relationship, it’d be pretty fab to know that yer man is on the same page as you are. That’s why we’ve sussed out how to tell if he’s got marriage on his mind. Yep, these four signs are surefire indications that he’s thinking about putting a ring on it pretty darn soon.

He’s making the effort with your family

You secretly know that he can’t stand the sight of your sister, and big family events, give him major awks, but he’s been showing up at every family dinner, birthday and celebration for ages now. Oh, and he’s heading for an impromptu pint with your dad this weekend. What’s that all about? Sounds like he’s buttering up his future in-laws.

He’s Acting Like A Weirdo

Yer man’s been acting strangely suspicious recently. He seems like a jittery, ball of nerves, and he’s suddenly developed a weird obsession with women’s jewelry, and, cough, your ring size. Nope, he’s not gone mad. We’d say he’s probably in the planning stages of popping the big question, and if you find ‘engagement rings’ in his search history, we’d say it’s a dead cert.

He’s suddenly become very concerned with money

Engagement rings don’t come cheap, so if your boy is in the market for a sparkler, it’s likely he’ll be making a few unexplained cut backs here and there. If he’s put some extra money aside for a big vay-cay for the two of you, who knows, he could be jetting you off somewhere sunny to propose in style. Major yay!

He’s talking about the future

This ones a biggie: Is he talking about the future, and more importantly, are you in it? If he’s making plans for the two of you, chatting about your kids names or where you’ll live when you’re old and grey, we’d say he’ll be popping that big question pretty soon.

We’ll await our invites in the post, yeah?

Pic credit: Instagram @ladygaga