4 Signs Technology Is Ruining Your Relationship

If the following sounds all too familiar, you and your fella could very well be stuck in a tech trap – and that's definitely bad news for your relationship.

Couple on phone

1. You can’t remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation together

Do you find that all your arguments and serious conversations are done over the phone, on WhatsApp or on Facebook mail? Er, when was the last time you two sat down together and discussed things properly face to face? These days entire relationships are started (and ended) via text, accusations, invitations and declarations of love are all done over little screens and nothing counts unless it’s ‘Facebook official.’ But for the serious stuff, it’s important to check in IRL. Sure, we’re all for a bit of banter on the interweb, but when it comes to love make sure you know when to switch off too.

2. You favour screen time over sexy time

This one’s a killer. We all love a good Netflix binge, but what happens when this becomes ALL that you do? Watching a three-hour omnibus of Dexter doesn’t exactly put you in the mood, does it? Pick up some other hobbies instead; go away together, go for walks, go camping, or whatever it is you both love to do. Time spent sans your laptop screen will help you to reconnect and is much more likely to put you in the mood.

3. You’re constantly glued to your phone

Have you ever tried to talk to a man when he’s looking at his phone? You could be stark naked and dancing in front of him and he probably wouldn’t notice – okay, maybe he would, but men aside, sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of checking that notification or email. To fix it, switch off your alerts when you’re spending time together or vow to keep your phone in your bag.

4.It didn’t happen unless it was Instagrammed

Uh-oh: can’t go for an ice cream or, er, hit the shops without posting a snap or tagging each other in a status? It doesn’t hurt to keep some things private. In fact, oversharing on social media is one of the main causes of arguments among couples. Sure, it’s totally okay to share some of your special moments, but for the sake of your relationship, it might be better to keep some things just for the two of you.