4 Things You Didn’t Know About How Your Hormone Health Affects Your Skin

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Glowing skin is something we all desire, but often our hormones have other ideas! With so many factors at play, we’re breaking down the facts you need to know about your hormone health, and how your hormones can impact your skin.

Testosterone Affects Female Skin Too

Although we consider testosterone a ‘male’ hormone, it’s natural and normal for women to produce small quantities of testosterone too. That means lots of benefits – healthy sex drive, lean muscle, mass, healthy energy levels and metabolism. However, sometimes our bodies can produce too much of the hormone which can lead to skin problems such as acne.

Oestrogen Does Wonders For Our Skin

This is the main female hormone, produced by the ovaries from around day 5-7 of the monthly cycle, peaking at day 14. As well as regulating the menstrual cycle, there’s plenty of other good stuff oestrogen does for the body. It stimulates bone cells, smooth muscles, and improves skin tone and elasticity by stimulating collagen production.

Age (and Time of The Month) Are A Factor

As we get older and our oestrogen levels start to drop, it impacts the tone and quality of our skin. Many will also see the effects of lower oestrogen levels in the days leading up to the period, when levels decline and our skin can look dull and washed-out.

Stress Isn’t Helping

Okay, this one isn’t rocket science. But whether it’s work-based woes, relationship trouble or something a little more serious, if you’re feeling the pressure emotionally then that can often show on your skin. The science bit? It’s all down to the stress hormone cortisol which kicks the skin’s oil production into high-drive. Noticing extra flare-ups around that looming deadline? Then stress could certainly be a factor.

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